33 Amazing Food Costumes You’ll Want for the Kids

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When you’re looking to wow your friends and neighbors with a stellar kid’s costume, not just any run-of-the-mill ensemble will do. Today, I’ve gathered 33 amazing food costumes you’ll want for the kids because let’s face it…food is always in fashion.

Whether you’re looking to play “dress up” for Halloween or stage a culinary photo session with your wee one, there’s a foodie flavor for every kid in this post.

33 Best Food Costumes for Kids

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Fruit & Vegetable Costumes for Kids

Among these costumes for kids, I’ve got most major food groups covered! Here are the best outfits for kids in the fruit and vegetable category.

(Is it just me, or does it sound like I’m announcing an Oscar winner?)

1. Sweet Corn Baby Costume

I can’t imagine the cuteness that abounds when a baby is placed inside this incredible knitted corn costume! I would definitely dress up as a farmer to carry around my little kernel.

Baby Sweet Corn Costume
Baby Sweet Corn Costume

2. Ear of Corn Kids Costume

If your little ear of corn is more “mature,” you can opt for this costume that fits older kids.

3. Baby Halloween Costume – Pineapple

This crocheted costume is the sweetest pineapple I’ve ever seen!

Crochet Pineapple Baby Fruit Costume
Baby Halloween Costume – Pineapple

4. Lemon Kids Costume

For older kids, you can opt for this number. Love the giant hands! Doesn’t this remind you of the old Fruit of the Loom commercials?

5. Peas in a Pod Kids Costume

I can’t decide which vegetable costume I love the most. This one definitely caught my eye.

If you’re planning to have one kid show up as a vegetable, you really do need to coordinate some other side veggies. These costumes are beginning to be part of a bigger story (or pun).

Peas in a Pod Costume for Kids
Peas in a Pod Costume

6. Carrot Kids Costume

I love this simple but charming carrot costume. When paired with other mixed vegetable costumes, oh the fun kids (or at least parents) will have!

Carrot kids costume
Carrot Kids Costume

7. Pear Costume

This pear costume is one of many adorable fruity flavors available. The shop owner has a knack for handmade costumes, so go take a look to browse the different options.

Baby and Toddler Pear Costume in felt
Pear Costume 

8. Strawberry Fruit Baby Costume

This is the sweetest little onesie for your shortcake, and there are other sizes available for older kids as well!

Infant / Baby Strawberry Onesie Costume with headband
Strawberry Costume for Babies 

9. Strawberry Girl’s Costume with Headband

The detail on this strawberry headband is impressive! I could imagine a little girl wanting to play dress up with this head gear all. the. time.

Strawberry headband costume for girls
Strawberry Girl’s Costume with Headband

10. Blueberry Fruit Baby Costume

Here’s another “berry” adorable costume for babies. I’d go as a pancake for Halloween to have a blueberry-pancake combo with my child. Can you picture it?

Baby and toddler blueberry costume
Blueberry Costume

11. Avocado Costume for Kids

I can picture a whole ensemble of related costumes for this little avocado! How about pairing this with chips and salsa? You could create a whole family salad! 

Baby and Toddler Avocado Costume
Avocado Costume for Babies and Toddlers 

12. Banana Kids Costume

The classic banana costume never goes out of style. This costume would pair well with a gorilla partner.

Sweets & Treats Costumes for Kids

Since Halloween is all about treats, I’m throwing in my best costumes for kids in the sugary/non-diet category.

13. Oreo Costume

Oreo has come out with all types of new flavors, but I’m still a fan of the classic black and white variety. How great is this costume with an adorable hat for the “filling”?

Baby and Child Oreo Costume for Halloween
Kids Oreo Costume

14. Cupcake Knitted Baby Costume

Speaking of cupcakes, I can’t get over the detail on this knitted cupcake costume. I could see a baby wearing this for a photo shoot or first birthday, not just Halloween!

Baby Cupcake Costume for Halloween, Photo Shoot, First Birthday or Valentine's Day
Knitted Cupcake Baby Costume 

15. Cupcake Knitted Newborn Hats

But wait, there’s more cupcake fun available! These little hats would look so heavenly on newborns!

Baby Crochet Cupcake Hat
Newborn Cupcake Hat 

16. Marshmallow Man Kids Costume

This little marshmallow cracks me up! If you have several kids needing costumes, you could create a whole Ghostbusters theme and include this costume for your little one. 

marshmallow man Stay Puft costume
Marshmallow Man Costume 

17. Tootsie Roll Kids Costume

When I was a kid, I always felt that Tootsie Rolls were like the filler candy to give the impression of abundance when what you really wanted was more Milky Ways, Snickers or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Am I right?

That said, this costume does make me nostalgic and looks super cute.

Tootsie roll costume for girls
Tootsie Roll Costume 

18. Peanut Butter & Jelly Kids Costume

Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? This has to be one of the best combos for twins out there!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich costume
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

19. Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Costumes

I don’t know which I like better…this milk and chocolate costume duo or the PB&J!

Milk and chocolate chip cookie costumes
Milk and chocolate chip cookie costumes

Noodle and Sushi Costumes for Kids

These noodle and sushi costumes will have you roll-ing (pun intended)! Chopsticks are not required but encouraged. These are among the best costume ideas for kids in any food category!

20. Ramen Noodle Costumes

How about a Nissin foods-inspired costume for a baby boy or baby girl? This is some top ramen merchandise!

Baby Ramen Noodle Halloween Food Costume
Ramen Noodle Kids Costume

21. Sushi Long-sleeve Infant Costume

Don’t you love this long-sleeved sushi number? This is the cutest piece of sushi I think I’ve ever seen!

Sushi Costume for infants Including Headband, Sushi Baby Costume and Headband
Sushi Long-Sleeved Costume for Infants 

22. Sushi Onesie Costumes for Twins

As a twin mom, I can’t resist these twin combo costumes! Aren’t these little babies adorable in their shrimp and tuna sushi outfits?!

Baby Sushi Twin Costume Halloween - Kikkoman Sauce and Shrimp sushi costume
Twin Sushi Costume

23. Avocado Sushi Baby Costume

Looking for a vegan food costume for kids? Look no more!

Avocado Baby Sushi Costume
Avocado Baby Sushi Costume

By the way, this sushi costume headband is a MUST if you plan to use a sushi roll baby costume! Wasabi and ginger FTW!

Sushi Costume Headband with Wasabi Ginger Sushi Grass Baby Kids DIY
Sushi costume headband

Condiments Costumes for Kids

24. Ketchup Onesie Baby Costume

Please pass the ketchup…so I can kiss his sweet face!

Ketchup Baby Onesie
Ketchup Bodysuit Halloween Costume 

25. Ketchup Kids Costume

If your child has outgrown the onesie stage, have no fear. There’s apparently a ketchup costume for every age!

Ketchup Halloween costume for kids
Ketchup Costume 

26. Mustard Onesie Costume for Babies

Don’t forget to add the mustard to complete your collection of adorable condiments.

Mustard Baby Outfit
Mustard Baby Outfit 

27. Salt and Pepper Sibling Costume

Let’s not forget to add some spice to this party. This is the perfect combo for siblings, especially twins!

Salt and Pepper Kids Halloween Costumes
Salt and Pepper Kids Halloween Costumes

Fast Food Kids Costumes

28. Baby Burrito Blanket Costume

Do you ever wrap your baby like a burrito? Order your burrito blanket today to complete the look!

Halloween Baby Burrito Blanket
Baby Burrito Blanket Costume

29. Cheeseburger Kids Costume

This kid is destined to be a “big mac on campus.”

30. Hot Dog Kids Costume

If your kid is more of a hot dog type than a burger type, let’s try this one on for size.

Kids hot dog costume
Kids Hot Dog Costume 

31. Pizza Kids Costume

What kid doesn’t love pizza? I’m on the hunt for a soda costume to complete the look.

Pizza Halloween Costume for Kids
Pizza Costume

32. Taco Kids Costume

Let’s not leave the beloved taco out of this fast food line-up. (I’m really restraining myself from making more food puns here.)

33. Popcorn Kids Costume

This food costume reminds me of the intro reel at movie theatres with the dancing concessions. All we’re missing is a giant cola and a box of Raisinets!

Popcorn costume for kids
Popcorn Costume

If you had culinary costumes on the brain, I hope you’ve found all the inspiration you need! Your kids will really appreciate the awesome costume someday (or really resent you for dressing them up as food…one or the other).

As always, I’d love for you to pin this for later and share it with others!

33 Best Food Costumes for Kids

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