The Best Free Fonts for Cricut Crafts

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If you’re an avid crafter, you’ll love these free fonts for Cricut! I’ve collected my favorite script, serif, and sans-serif fonts for you, including a few quirky ones for special projects. You’ll also get the inside scoop on where to find design assets that come with commercial licenses included.

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Free Cricut Fonts: Background Info

If you don’t own a Cricut Access Membership, you might be looking for budget-friendly ways to take your projects to the next level. Fonts are a great way to add more character and charm to designs for t-shirts, mugs, and printables.

You can install these fonts in Cricut Design Space and then use them to make handmade Cricut gifts or Cricut Christmas ornaments.

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Collection of free fonts for Cricut, including script, serif and sans serif typefaces.

Any of these fonts can be used in Cricut Design Space for personal projects, and some come with the option for commercial use. Be sure to check your license before you sell any projects using these designs. (Read more about license terms below.)

Most of these Cricut fonts will work well for cut projects. If you’re looking for drawing fonts, be sure to check out my collection of free writing fonts for Cricut.

Free Fonts for Cricut: Where to Download

Script and Handwritten Fonts for Cricut

Almost There script font you can download to use with Cricut.

This beautiful script font has served me well over the years. It would make the perfect font for a bridal shower or wedding invitation.

antically script free font for Cricut.

If you need a “skinny” script font, Antically is a great choice. It looks more like a handwriting font with its casual slant.

Ardilla script font free to download for Cricut.

The bonus with the Ardilla font is that it has lots of glyphs available for fancy swashes and ligatures (a glyph that combines two characters together in multiple ways). Plus, as of this writing, this free font comes with a commercial license included!

Better Together handwritten font for Cricut.

The Better Together font has a sweet vibe that would work well for Cricut projects that require a handwritten style, especially greeting cards or mugs.

Countryside script font.

Countryside lives up to its name and would look great on a DIY farmhouse sign or similar casual decor project.

Elderflower script font for Cricut.

Elderflower is a font that is waiting to be placed on a t-shirt design. The script lends itself to heat-transfer vinyl projects or stencils.

Haearty script font with swashes you can use in Cricut Design Space.

Haearty is a sleek script font that comes with extra swashes for various options on the beginning and ending letters of a word. Bonus: it comes with a commercial license included! (Yes, the spelling is unique on this one.)

Hello script font with swashes for use with Cricut Design Space.

Hello has lovely swashes built-in already, which is awesome! This font could easily stand alone on a DIY sign.

Kasandra script font for use with Cricut.

Need a font for wedding invitations or bridal shower decorations? Kasandra Script is an elegant and classy font, just waiting to be displayed on a place card.

Lofty Goals cursive font for Cricut Design Space.

Lofty Goals is another good chunky script font for Cricut. It would look great as an accent for a DIY shirt with a beachy vibe. This font is also free for commercial use!

Magnolia Sky script font for use with Cricut Design Space and crafting.

This pretty script font is one of my absolute faves. The variation in letter height makes the Magnolia Sky font stand out and look less formal.

Marthin Slant slender script font for Cricut crafts.

Marthin Slant font has a simple elegance that would work well for any handwriting-style Cricut project. This type of casual script style is very on-trend right now, too.

Mother Tongue script font with hearts and special glyphs for Cricut crafting.

If this fun font doesn’t shout “bridal,” then I don’t know what does. The Mother Tongue font comes with little hearts around the letters and has many swashes you can add as well.

Just head over to Character Map (Windows) or Font Book (Mac) to copy and paste any special characters (like the “m” above).

Shink font with special glyphs (free Cricut download).

Shink is a font that also has many beautiful swashes you can add, like the “S” and “K” above. This gives you a lot of creative freedom with text in Cricut Design Space.

Strawberry Blossom free script font.

Strawberry Blossom has such a sweet and summery feel. It also comes with a few swashes on “T” and “M” as well as ligatures to vary the double “Rs” and the “OS” combination.

Sweet doughnut script free font for Cricut.

How cute is this Sweet Doughnut font? It has a great balance between script and sans serif font types.

Violette Script free download for Cricut.

Violetta Script is a dainty handwriting font. It comes with several variations including plenty of swashes to add variety to your design.

Serif and Sans Serif Fonts for Cricut

Amazingly Beautiful font for Cricut crafting.

This Amazingly Beautiful font pairs well with script fonts for t-shirt designs. The foot serifs you see give it such a playful style.

Caramel Sweets sans serif font for Cricut.

The Caramel Sweets font is just perfect for a fun shirt, sign, or mug. It’s a clean sans-serif font that also pairs nicely with script fonts.

Chicken Quiche sans serif free font for Cricut.

Chicken Quiche has a slight farmhouse vibe but blends in nicely for any phrase design, especially on shirts and signs.

Createland font for Cricut.

For any kids’ project, Createland is a great font for Cricut. It has a few options for ligatures that combine certain letters together, like the “L” and “A” above, giving you plenty of versatility.

Funny Study free font to use with Cricut Design Space.

Funny Study does have a comical spin on it, making it a great font for funny SVG designs in Cricut Design Space.

Free font named Give Me Some Sugar.

This whimsical font reminds me of Halloween or the game Candy Land. It would make a really cute font for either fall or Christmas crafts.

Kids on the Moon free font for Cricut.

Kids on the Moon font strikes a good balance between script and sans serif styles. The thickness of this font makes it easy to weed for HTV shirts made with Cricut and the EasyPress 3.

Luna free font for Cricut.

Luna font has a bit more character with slightly jagged edges instead of perfectly smooth curves. It would give any project an extra dose of personality.

Plavea bubble font for Cricut.

This Plavea font has a built-in bubble effect that makes it look almost like a graphic design rather than a font. It would be especially fun for birthday party decorations and party favors.

Quickly Freehand font.

The Quickly Freehand font is simple and straightforward with a narrow letter space. It’s a good choice when you need to squeeze a longer word into a small space for a Cricut project.

Strawberry Cheesecake free font for Cricut Design Space.

Strawberry Cheesecake is one of my top choices when it comes to sans serif fonts for t-shirts. The foot serif on the letters and the quirky shape make for an adorable design.

Sweet Like Honey font example.

I love fonts that play with the scale and relationship of letters. Sweet Like Honey has a unique way of scaling letters to make the design feel more balanced.

The Skinny thin font that looks like Rae Dunn.

Rae Dunn, anyone? The Skinny font looks like Rae Dunn with its distinctive tall and slender letters. I also shared a similar skinny font in my free fall fonts roundup.

Specialty Fonts for Cricut

Fresh Fruit font that looks like watermelon.

No, I didn’t just decide to color this font red. Fresh Fruit font comes in red with the option of changing some characters to a watermelon design. This would make a great print and cut font for Cricut.

Space Age font that looks futuristic.

If you need a futuristic font for a Cricut project, Space Age is for you. The minimalist font looks like something straight out of NASA.

Star Jedi font that looks like Star Wars and can be downloaded free for Cricut.

The Star Jedi font does not disappoint! This font actually comes with four variations, including some graphics that you can use, which is a total bonus! It worked out well for my boys’ Star Wars-themed birthday party favors.

Waltograph font that looks similar to Disney.

For your next Disney trip, you must grab this Waltograph font. It’s the cutest! Your little prince or princess would love a personalized shirt or hat with this font.

How to Install Free Fonts for Cricut Design Space

When you download the fonts above, make sure you take note of the destination folder so you can complete the installation.

If the files are compressed or zipped, you need to unzip them by double-clicking (Mac) or selecting “extract” (PC) before installing.

Mac Users

You’ll need to add the downloaded font into Font Book before it will show up in Cricut Design Space or other programs. You can click the + sign in Font Book to add the font or simply click and drag the font from its download location into Font Book.

Windows Users

Once the files are unzipped, you can right-click the font and select “Install.” The font will automatically show up in Cricut Design Space after installation.

You can find more details about how to install fonts on a PC in this help article.

What is OTF vs. TTF?

As you get started with these free fonts, you may wonder which font format is best to download: OTF vs. TTF.

OTF stands for Open Type Font, which is a newer font type that offers more advanced features and smaller file sizes. TTF, which stands for True Type Font, is an older standard that is still widely used. I opt for OTF when it’s available.

Personal use vs. Commercial Use Licenses

Be sure to check the license terms whenever downloading a free font. All of the fonts above are free for “personal use” as of this writing. Most will have an option to buy a commercial license as well.

Commercial licenses are often very affordable, so when in doubt, it’s best to fork over the extra dollars. Plus, you can see #1 below for a way to get commercial licenses for free now and then!

Where to Find More Fonts for Cricut

You can go down a black hole looking for free Cricut fonts on the sites below. There are so many fonts to choose from (hence this blog post)!

Some of the sites have incredible freebie offers when you sign up for their newsletters too.

1. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is my latest obsession! They have tons of freebies that are perfect for Cricut crafting.

Get 10 Free Designs!

To download 10 free designs, including fonts and SVG files, sign up below for Creative Fabrica’s All Access Free Trial. Upon the 10th download or after 1 month, the free trial converts into an All Access subscription of $9 per month. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. I’m doing it myself!

The best part is that these designs include a personal, commercial, and print-on-demand license. That’s almost unheard of for digital download sites.

If you sign up for their emails, you’ll receive free font and SVG bundles on a weekly basis. Plus, the freebies come with a commercial license included, which is a steal.

I’m currently hosting three Cricut classes on the platform as well. I hope you’ll join my Cricut Infusible Ink Course to get extra crafty with your Cricut machine!

2. Font Bundles

Another site dedicated to fonts is Font Bundles. You’ll find plenty of free fonts to choose from and many others sold at reasonable prices.

3. Creative Market

While Creative Market doesn’t offer free fonts as regularly, they have some of the best illustrations I’ve found.

You can see examples of their designs in my DIY tea towels post that features fall watercolor art.

4. DaFont

DaFont makes it easy to search for fonts by style, from “fancy” fonts to holiday fonts and everything in between. You’ll easily get lost scrolling through their supply of designs.

5. Design Cuts

Design Cuts offers a wide range of professional-level graphics, templates, and fonts. If you need designs for commercial projects, this is a great place to shop.

When you sign up for emails, you’ll also get a regular freebie to download, including free fonts as well as graphic bundles.

6. Font Space

Among the major font sites, Font Space has one of the cleanest layouts, IMHO. It’s easy to preview a font before downloading. Plus, the site offers some cool features like a font generator for social media.

More Font Sites to Explore

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for after clicking around above, you may want to check out some of these other sites to spark your creativity.

What goodies will you create with all your new Cricut fonts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi! I’m back to crafting after 3 years. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post some of your favorite fonts. Great taste for what I’m looking for. It saves me lots of time looking for that perfect font. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Melissa! I’m so glad you found these fonts useful! It really makes a difference when you’re making handmade gifts. I feel like choosing the right font is half the battle. You mentioned making some special gifts. If you need some inspiration, I have a collection of 25 handmade Cricut gifts that I’ve collected from many blogging friends. You might get some ideas there: https://www.firstdayofhome.com/cricut-gift-ideas/. Have fun!

  2. I’m back to creating with my Cricut (after 3 years). I just wanted to thank you for sharing some of your favorite fonts. It’s made my initial font folder pretty full, which takes a lot off of me while trying to prepare last minute specialty gifts. Thanks again for sharing. I will be back.

    1. Hi Charlotte. The downloaded fonts will typically be saved in a downloads folder on your computer. May I ask what type of computer you’re using? On Windows, typically you’ll right-click and install the font. On a Mac, you can open Font Book and drag the font from your saved location into Font Book. Then when you launch Cricut Design Space, you’ll select the System Fonts tab at the top to find your font there. I hope this helps!

      1. I figured it out turns out you have to have design space closed for the fonts to go through. if you have it open the fonts won’t go through. thank you this was an amazing article.

        1. I’m so glad you figured it out, Charlotte! Yes, I forgot to mention restarting Cricut Design Space is often necessary. Thanks for the reminder. Have fun with your new fonts!

  3. These FONTS are wonderful I used these in my personal projects and they look amazing. Thanks, Crissy for such amazing fonts.

  4. This is so awesome. Crissy. I don’t own a Cricut myself, but we do have one at work and I know several friends who have one too. I think they’d love this post so I’m going to share a link to it in my weekly recap tomorrow.

    1. Thanks so much, Jen! I’m so grateful for the feature and will swing by to say hello. I hope your summer is going well! Hugs, Crissy

  5. Thanks for sharing all of these fun fonts! I’m very new to Cricut and it’s been fun to explore all the possibilities! Have a great day Crissy!