Celebrating My Third Blogging Anniversary at First Day of Home

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Today, I have a special treat for my readers! I’m trading places with one of my blogging besties to celebrate our three-year blogging anniversary! Plus, there’s a special surprise at the end. I’ll just let Julie tell you more about it…

WELCOME Y’ALL! We are celebrating BIG TIME today! Can you tell I’m excited? Yes, I’m digitally shouting it from the rooftops!

First, let me introduce myself!

I’m Julie from My Wee Abode, one of Crissy’s BBBs…Best Blogging Buddies, that is. And today, Crissy and I are ‘switching places’.

Before I confuse you too much, here’s a bit of an explanation.


3rd Blogging Anniversary image with text overlay reading "3rd Blogiversary Celebration and Giveaway with First Day of Home and My Wee Abode"

Crissy and I started blogging at almost exactly the same time…January 2018. So, though January has juuuust about ended, we are celebrating our third year of blogging! Can you believe it? THREE YEARS!

So, we decided it would be a fun twist to “switch places” and host the other friend’s blog. We get to share what OUR favorite posts are from our bestie’s site, ON our bestie’s site!

(You can thank Crissy for this fun idea!)

And we have a BONUS for y’all, too! Each of us is offering a blogiversary giveaway that you can enter here at First Day of Home AND at My Wee Abode!

Two giveaways means TWO chances to win! Keep reading for more info!

But first…

Some Bestie Background

If you’ve been following First Day of Home for a while, you may know about the Haven blogging conference.

Haven is a wonderful place for bloggers to learn, create, and network! And that’s exactly what Crissy and I did in July of 2018…networked. We met at our first conference AND ended the conference doing a happy dance together when we both won Elkay sinks! Such a fun way to start a beautiful friendship! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, not only do we share our blogging ideas, tips, tricks, and woes on a daily basis, but we also are blessed to be close friends sharing our everyday lives with each other, too.

So, now that you have some background, I’m delighted to share with you five of my fave posts from First Day of Home.

Making a Sweet Valentine’s Garland with Hearts and Pom-Poms

It is so hard to narrow down the choices to my favorite five, but this soft and sweet Valentine’s garland that Crissy created last year has caught my eye more than once.

Valentine garland with felt and pom pom garland

The “pop-stitch” detail that Crissy uses on these quilted hearts is perfect! And the pom-poms are super easy to make with the tool she uses. (And, yes, I bought one!)

The Decoupage Queen

If you’ve been following First Day of Home for any length of time, you know that Crissy has an affinity for all things Mod Podge. Thus her special title of ‘decoupage queen’… given to her by me, of course. (This may be the first time she’s heard me call her this. Hehe!)

Though I love her decoupage flower pots, Easter eggs, and wood projects, my favorite just might be her easy decoupage pumpkins.

Decoupage pumpkin in farmhouse style barrel for DIY fall decor

Aren’t they gorgeous? And Crissy’s photography always blows me away!

Be sure to check out each of her decoupage projects (in the search bar type ‘decoupage’) for all her tips and tricks using Mod Podge.

Flowers Forever

Speaking of tips and tricks… Crissy not only shares how to DIY spring wreaths and make lovely winter centerpieces, but she also has amazing posts about how to work with fresh-pressed flowers!

My favorite pressed flowers post she has is How to Dry Flowers 5 Different Ways.

Dried flower bouquet with roses, mums and other dried leaves

In this post, we learn to dry flowers with processes that range from totally simple to just a wee bit challenging, but Crissy’s tutorials make each process something any of us can do!

If this post makes you say, “Wow!” you may want to check out four different ways to press flowers as well as how to create pressed flower art. (I told you it’s hard for me to slim my choices down to just five! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Gardening Tips and More

Let me tell you, Crissy does it all, and does it all well!

Want to plant a vegetable garden but don’t have the foggiest idea how to start? First Day of Home will point you in the right direction with tips on vegetable gardening for beginners.

Tomato seedlings planted in raised bed garden

I love how thorough Crissy is in her tutorials, and how much we learn from each post she writes!

If you missed her post on 9 tree maintenance tips you need to know, be sure to take a look and learn even more about your outside living space.

Amazing Authentic Mexican Food Recipes!

When I said Crissy does it all well, I meant it!

Have you tried any of Crissy’s amazing Mexican food recipes? You really should!

This fall, I actually made her traditional Mexican oatmeal recipe, and it was AMAZING!

Next on my list is the number-one-recipe on her blog! Her authentic Mexican baked pumpkin empanadas!

Pumpkin empanadas in talavera bowl

Don’t they look delicious?! (Don’t wait until the holidays to make these. I’m thinking these would make a perfect winter on-the-go breakfast!)

And, if you want to see Crissy make these in ‘real-time’, be sure to visit and subscribe to the First Day of Home YouTube channel. Not only can you see her make these yummy pumpkin treats, you can learn how create Christmas decor, a DIY lettered sign, and more!

Thank you so much for letting me sing the praises of First Day of Home, but now it’s time to hand the post back over to Crissy because she has something SUPER fun to share with you!

Take it away, Crissy!

Blogging Anniversary Giveaway!

Wow, I’m so appreciative of Julie’s kind words and (most of all) the friendship we’ve shared over the past three years! It’s a beautiful thing.

Be sure to head over to read my post that I shared on Julie’s blog to learn more about the wonderful work she does. But first, you won’t want to miss entering our giveaways!

Just follow the prompts below from Rafflecopter to enter. Get a free entry each day just for being here! This is open to U.S. residents only. I’ll notify the winners next Saturday, Feb. 6th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for celebrating our blogging anniversary with us, and here’s to another great year ahead!


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More Valentine Crafts to Enjoy!

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  1. a big congrats to you on your blogging anniversary! I can see you have put a ton of thought into it and poured your heart and soul into it as well. I love reviews and recipes.

  2. Hi Again Crissy, I discovered your Dry Clay Ornaments. How pretty they are, and your tutorial is easy to follow. Thank you. I’ve pinned it. I’m glad I discovered your blog. Once again, Happy Blog Anniversary and thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  3. The gardening post makes me wish I could have a garden. Get so hot in Florida that pretty much anything we try to grow, ends up cooking before getting to harvest size.

    1. Thank you, Allen. Our garden has brought me a lot of joy. I definitely recommend taking a look at The Old Farmer’s Almanac for some good gardening tips in your planting zone. Best wishes, Crissy

  4. I love the way you write kinda new so I have alot to look at, congrats on three years it’s so nice to have a friend along . Also thanks for the chance to win!! Heres to 30 more years!!!

    1. Your mom is such a special person, Jared! I’ve really enjoyed our friendship and working alongside her. She is such a devoted mom and a Godly woman that has been a great support to this community. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Today is my first day here. So far so good! I’ve been following Julie for awhile now, so I know I’ll feel right at home. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Welcome, Jane! I hope you make yourself at home here. Julie is an absolute joy, and any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Thank you for stopping by! Hugs, Crissy

  6. I bought some Valentines sugar cookie yesterday. So blaaaa. I think yours looks so yummy getting stuff together to make them. ASAP.
    Thks for sharing

    1. Hi Donna! I hope you enjoy my sugar cookie recipe. The orange zest really adds a nice (subtle) citrus touch. Let me know how they turn out! Best wishes, Crissy

  7. Hi Crissy, you have a lovely blog. I’m still looking around and finding new things. Next I’m going to look at your crafts. Happy Blog Anniversary!!

  8. Hi Crissy, back again. Thank you so much for the chance to enter your giveaway. About that yummy recipe, I’m looking forward to whatever update you make. That’s a good idea to put the tomatoes in a food processor. I’m going to have to go back and look at more of your recipes. Those Valentine cookies look so pretty.

    1. Hi Lea! Thanks for coming back to visit. I hope you enjoy some of the recipes. I’ll be focusing on bringing more recipes to the blog this year, so stay tuned! Hugs, Crissy

  9. I like the variety of recipes you have, and that the ingredients and instructions are largely from scratch. Often times I come across recipes for something, like a pastry, and the first ingredient is refrigerated pastry dough!!!. Your recipes, like the apple empanadas, have the recipe for the dough. I also like home DIY content, from gardening to simple repairs and fixes.

  10. Hi Crissy, I have been browsing around your blog and came across your Authentic Mexican Rice dish. It looks delicious, and I like that you use a real tomato in it. I’ve pinned it. Thank you. And again, thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    1. Thank you, Lea! I’m actually planning to make an update to that post. I’ve started blending my tomato in the food processor, and I really like the results! Plus, it saves some time chopping, even if it does mean cleaning another kitchen appliance. I hope you enjoy it! So glad to have you back for the giveaway!

  11. Hi Crissy & Julie for the opportunity to enter your giveaway – twice! Happy blog anniversary to you both. Crissy, I just discovered your blog. I’m looking forward to browsing around at everything but am going to check out your decoupage pumpkins and any other decoupage projects or tutorials you might have. I’ve never tried it but have just recently become curious about it.

    1. Hi Lea! We’re so happy you can join us in celebrating. I’m so glad you came over, and I hope you enjoy some of the tutorials. Always feel free to reach out if you have questions! I think you’ll enjoy some of the decoupage projects. You’ll never look at paper the same way again! Best wishes, Crissy

  12. I really enjoy the inspiration of MWA. I did the velvet pumpkins DIY… but had a hard time finding pumpkins with pleasingly curved stems to donate to the project, lol. Would love to win an Amazon gift card. I need SO MANY supplies for the projects that I’d love to start. Anyway, I’ll keep up with the blogs that challenge and spark creativity like My Wee Abode, First Day Of Home, and others. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for coming over by way of MWA, Janice! I’m so happy to have you here! I appreciate the sweet comment, and I wish you the best of luck on the giveaways! Hugs, Crissy

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! You have such interesting ideas and Iโ€™m inspired many time. Wish I had time to follow through with every idea!

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! I’m happy to offer the giveaway. I’m glad you feel inspired and hope you’ll try a few ideas. I’m always here to answer questions if you need help! Best wishes, Crissy

  14. Congratulations! I didn’t know you were a newbie like me. That is so exciting! Hope we are blogging buddies for years to come. Just think how much you’ve already grown and how famous you’ll be in 3 more years! XXOO

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! Well, I’m flattered you couldn’t detect my newbie-ness! Yes, I hope we’ll be blogging buds for many years as well. Not sure about famous, but I’ll definitely be a little older and more tired. Ha! Big hugs!

  15. Hi Crissy,

    I’m visiting from Julie’s blog, and enjoyed your post there, so came on over to visit. I’m going to check out those posts that Julie mentioned.

    Happy Blogiversary!

    1. I’m so glad you came over, Marilyn! Any friend of Julie’s is a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy looking around. Thanks for the good wishes! -Crissy

  16. I LOVE this whole site! The simple ideas, the great recipes, and just the sense of having coffee with a friend I get when reading.
    I really like the step-by-step with suggestions for modifications (decoupaging pumpkins, wooden boxes, etc.)!

  17. I have not read your blog until today. I signed up to receive your emails. Just looking over your site I think I will enjoy it. Congrats on your 3 years of blogging. Keep up the good work.

  18. What a fun thing for you and Julie to do to celebrate your 3rd blogging anniversary! I still regret not being at Haven 2018 when you two first connected and I hope that this year we’ll be able to somehow get together in person, through Haven or some other way. As far as what content I want to see more of on your blog, I don’t have a definite answer because I truly enjoy everything that you share. Looking forward to reading all of your blog posts in 2021!

    1. Thanks so much, Paula! Yes, it seems our Haven meetings keep getting thwarted by something. Hopefully, we’ll all connect this year, one way or another, as you said. Thanks for entering our giveaway! Hugs, Crissy