Create Sticker Tool with Cricut


Cricut just released a "Create Sticker" tool in Cricut Design Space Beta version. It simplifies the process for cutting stickers and is available to Cricut Access subscribers ($10/month).

Blue Rings

To get to the Beta version of Cricut Design Space, click the down arrow next to your profile, and select Settings. Then switch to Beta.

Light Yellow Arrow

Select whether you want "die cut" stickers that cut through the sheet completely or "kiss cut" stickers to peel off a sheet. This tool works with all machines except Cricut Joy.

Select the amount of border (offset) you want for die cut stickers, from thin to wide or custom. You can always undo this operation too.

Once the sticker is formatted, click Make to begin printing on an inkjet printer. Then select a "compatible" material like Cricut printable sticker paper or printable vinyl.

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