How to Make Mugs 


Cricut Tutorial

To use the Cricut Mug Press, you will need infusible ink transfer sheets or markers, compatible mug blanks, an EasyPress mat, and heat resistant tape.


In Cricut Design Space, the Mug Design Setup helps you customize the size and template for your mug design.

Once you format your design, attach the mug wrap outline with your image before cutting it.


Make sure the transfer sheet is facing up and you Mirror the image when cutting.


Use the "crack and peel" method to gently remove the excess infusible ink transfer sheet material. Avoid using weeding tools.

Use heat resistant tape to secure your design around the mug (after cleaning the mug with alcohol and a lint roller).


Place the mug into the heat press once it has fully heated and press the lever down. The machine will beep when it's done.


The mug will be extremely hot when removing from the Mug Press, so use caution and let it rest on an EasyPress mat until it has fully cooled (15-20 minutes). Then remove the carrier sheet.

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