Summer Outdoor Decor Ideas: Bloggers Best Home Tours

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The official start of summer is almost here! To celebrate, I’m sharing my favorite summer outdoor decor ideas. Cue the Beach Boys music!

I’m especially excited because I’m joining my blogging friends for a summer tour extravaganza. There are 30 incredible home tours to check out!

Stick around until the end to get all the details.

Back patio decor with settee and colorful throw pillows with area rug and potted plants.

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Bloggers Best Summer Home Tour

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Our wonderful tour this week is hosted by Kelly from The Tattered Pew. If you haven’t met Kelly before, you’re in for a real treat. She has a beautiful classic cottage/farmhouse style that will charm your pants off.

For those stopping by from Cassie Bustamante, welcome! I love Cassie’s boho/vintage vibe and the DIY projects she shares on her blog. I’m a DIY girl at heart too.

Now, let’s begin our tour, shall we?

Summer Outdoor Decor Ideas on the Front Porch

If you’re new to First Day of Home, you should know that summer in my neck of the woods is extremely hot and humid. A real tropical paradise, I tell ya!

Because of the intense weather, I try to make things as comfortable as possible with my outdoor decor.

Front porch with citrus and hydrangea wreath and lantern.

Something about citrus makes me feel refreshed during the summer. I decided a DIY lemon-themed wreath would be the perfect way to greet my guests.

I have a complete tutorial for this DIY summer wreath which was inspired by a similar one I saw online (sold for about 3x the price).

Closeup of DIY lemon and hydrangea wreath.

This little black bench is a new addition to our front porch. Long story short, I couldn’t decide if I wanted this bistro set or not, but I ended up with a bench by chance.

Black bench with lemon patterned and yellow outdoor throw pillows.

I generally enjoy making my own outdoor pillows, but sometimes it’s nice when you can find just the right pattern to save some time. The patterned pillow above is no longer available, but I found a very affordable lemon-themed pillow if you’re in the market

Summer Decorating Ideas for the Patio

Our back patio is where we spend most of our outdoor time in the summer.

It sits right next to the pool, and we enjoy making s’mores in the fireplace when it’s not blazing hot at night.

Back patio with area rug, settee and outdoor throw pillows at dawn.

You may notice our patio got a little refresh this year. You can see our previous rug and color scheme in my post on patio decorating ideas.

Corner of outdoor patio with summer decor, including bright throw pillows and home decor books on the center table.

My boys are now at an age where I don’t have to get in the pool with them. That means Mommy can get some summer reading done and relax nearby while they splash around.

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Plumeria plants by outdoor pool.

Truth be told, I don’t sit still for very long outside. I usually tend to my vegetable garden or potted plants, like these plumerias (my favorite).

The white Singapore plumeria didn’t bloom at all last year, so I’m thrilled she’s looking healthy again!

I’ve learned that plants, like humans, sometimes don’t bloom where they are planted. They often need a change of scenery to thrive again.

Potted plant by fireplace with lantern in background.
Zinnias, angelonia and caladium

The colorful zinnias above will soon outgrow their pot, so I’ll need to find a new home for them. See how I stay busy out here?

You might notice the lantern is the same one pictured on my front porch. I love to play around with my decor accents. It’s like a grownup version of “Elf on the Shelf” for me!

If you’re in the market for a lantern, check out my lantern decorating ideas for some fun options.

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Dusk on the outdoor patio.
Outdoor patio at dusk

At dusk, the back patio gets more shade, as you can see above. The only challenge is warding off mosquitoes!

Summer Beverage Station Ideas

When entertaining outdoors, it’s always handy to have a beverage station for kids and grownups alike.

Cedar bench outdoors with greenery and lemonade serving station.

This cedar work table isn’t fancy, but I love it because it was the first of many woodworking projects my husband made when we were newlyweds.

Of course, the boys get their own mini chairs with little DIY pillows to get comfy.

Outdoor patio decor with small kids chairs.

I’ll serve up some of my famous lavender lemonade when we host our next outdoor party.

Sidenote: My friend Julie from My Wee Abode has the cutest free lemon printables. I plan to use them in my decor this season.

Summer Dining Table Decor (Al Fresco)

This month, I joined another great group of gals for a Pinterest Challenge! Here’s a peek at the outdoor table decor I created for that tour.

Outdoor dining table with floral centerpiece.

We’ve been looking for a permanent outdoor dining table, though I think I see a DIY project in our future if lumber prices ever come down again.

For now, this rustic table is our go-to for extra seating when we have parties or other gatherings. With the right table linens and centerpieces, it can pass for a party.

Outdoor dining table with floral centerpieces and neutral place settings.

Of course, I’m only hosting an outdoor dining event early in the morning or late in the evening…with plenty of mosquito repellent!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I hope you enjoyed these summer outdoor decor ideas! Don’t forget to check out the tours my friends are sharing!

Your next stop is Jen from Midwest Life and Style, whose decor style I absolutely adore!

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Continue Your Tour

I’m joining some of my blogging friends for the Bloggers Best Summer Home Tours! You can visit each summer home tour by clicking the links below.

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  1. Hi Crissy, your patio is adorable, and I love the table your husband made—so meaningful! And guess what? My girls and I also love lemons and I have the same exact outdoor pillow! I may have to take a stab at the forthcoming lemon wreath tutorial.
    Have a beautiful summer in your “tropical paradise.”

    1. Aw, thanks, CiCi! Yay, great minds think alike on the lemons, I suppose! I fell in love with that pillow when I saw it in the catalog. Then the other lemon wreath I saw really sealed the deal on a lemon theme. I’m sure you’ll be able to make a beautiful wreath of your own. Stay tuned for that tutorial!

      Have a beautiful summer too, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Amber! I’m glad this tour forced me to spruce up the area a bit so we can enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your summer break!

    1. Ha ha. Thanks so much, Jennifer! We do enjoy the space and especially appreciate the fact that it’s covered from the summer sun. Have a wonderful summer!

  2. I am blown away by all the amazing outdoor spaces you have Crissy! Your patio is so beautiful and I love those gorgeous bright-colored pillows. And that tablescape is AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the whole thing next week. So much inspiration here my friend. Happy Summer!

    1. Aw, thanks, Kim! Back at ya! I really enjoyed seeing your happy home. Your decor always makes me smile and gives me some great decor ideas. Looking forward to hopping together again soon!

    1. Thanks, Leen! I’m feeling some lavender lemonade cravings coming on this week. The weather definitely calls for something refreshing! Happy Summer!

  3. Crissy! I’m just like you! When I’m outside I rarely just relax…EXCEPT when the sun is rising or setting. I love sitting out here just listening and watching!! You’ve created such a beautiful outdoor space i absolutely LOVE IT!!

    1. Thanks, girl! Yes, I stay busy outdoors, but I love every minute we get to spend in the yard. I hope you enjoy your girls this summer and relish every moment! Hugs, Crissy

  4. I love your patio refresh and your table is looks lovely! If it’s at hot there as it is here, I bet you’re enjoying it most in the mornings and evenings! It is a pleasure to tour with you again! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! Yes, mornings and evenings are about the only times I can bear to be outside these days! I always have fun hopping with you too, my friend.

  5. Your pool and patio have always been a fave for me. I remember years ago jumping in our pool in August and it feeling like a hot bath so I got right back out and played in the hose! Well for a little bit until the water turned scorching hot. Gotta love Texas! Love your theme this year and the tour. Always glad to hop with you! Stay cool and mosquito bite free! 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! Ha ha. Yes, I can relate to the hose story. I have to wait a few minutes every time I turn our hose on so all the hot water can flush out. Texas weather is bonkers! Happy to be hopping with you again!

  6. Girl, I LOVE your outdoor patio… so many elements to love, and everything looks great together! So summer! Can’t wait for your lemon wreath tutorial! As far as the pillow on your bench, I didn’t even notice it was too small. 😉 I wanna see a full view of that beautiful rock pool of yours! And your beverage station is such a smart idea for your fam and guests! Pinned! (And than you for the shout-out!)

    1. Thank you, my friend! I’ll have to post a better picture of the full pool. It’s one of the things we enjoy most about our home. I hope you’ll get to visit someday! Hugs!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love everything about this post! But…particularly, I love the contrast of the yellow/white with your black door and bench!! Your patio is very inviting..especially with those lovely plumerias(my fave). Great post, Crissy!!

    1. Thanks so much, DeeDee! That means a lot to me. I’m so glad you liked the wreath. I need to get to work writing that DIY tutorial. Aren’t plumerias the best? They always brighten my day.

  8. Beautiful space and love the table setting. Yes, can’t forget the little ones. Love their little chairs and drinking station. Pinned!

  9. Crissy, your outdoor spaces are so pretty all dressed up for summer. And that lemon wreath is beautiful! I can’t wait to see your tutorial. I definitely need this for my lemon-themed summer decor! Pinned!