The Best Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids… in One Box

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These days, keeping kids entertained without screens can be a real challenge. That’s why I’m a big fan of craft projects that keep little hands and minds busy. When I found a kit that included air dry clay projects for kids and a whole pottery workshop, I knew I’d found a solution to my screen time blues!

Collage of children sculpting with air dry clay. Text overlay reads "Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids."

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Tiny Ceramics Studio – Air Dry Clay Crafts for Kids

For years, we’ve ordered books through our school’s Scholastic book fair, but it was only recently that we began exploring the Scholastic Klutz line of craft kits. As an avid crafter myself, it was love at first sight.

Boy sculpting air dry clay in his hands

My twin boys watched me sculpt with air-dry clay when I made DIY clay ornaments and clay gnomes. Naturally, they wanted to make their own creations, but they needed something kid-friendly to spark their creativity.

Tiny Ceramics Studio to the rescue! This pottery kit gives them hands-on experience and provides enough challenge to keep them entertained. (It’s geared toward kids ages 8-12.)

Child sculpting air dry clay in his hands

I’m always thrilled when my boys receive a fancy new S.T.E.M. kit or model to build. I’m not so thrilled when that kit requires constant Mommy tech support! What I love about the Tiny Ceramics Studio is that I can throw some butcher paper on a table and let the boys work their magic without me.

As eight-year-olds, they like having the ability to follow instructions on their own without having Mommy hovering over them.

Crissy helping son with air dry clay projects using the Klutz Tiny Ceramics Studio

But let’s be honest, I like getting my hands dirty too when it comes to sculpting. It just looks so fun!

What’s included in the Tiny Ceramics Studio?

Boys sitting at table with Klutz Scholastic Ceramics Studio Kit

This pottery workshop for kids comes with a variety of projects that are age-appropriate. Inside, you’ll find the following supplies:

  • Air dry clay (with a resealable bag)
  • Mini pottery wheel (too cute!)
  • Six paint colors
  • Mini bowl mold
  • Roller
  • Shaping tools
  • Glaze
  • How-To Book

The only other supplies you’ll need are a tablecloth or parchment paper to cover your work surface and a bowl of water. Paper towels also come in handy to dry off messy hands.

Getting Started with Kids Air Dry Clay Projects

Unlike some kits we’ve tried, Tiny Ceramics Studio comes with multiple tutorials that have clear instructions and illustrations for beginners.

In fact, I see a lot of the same themes about shapes and properties that my boys are learning in second-grade science. Bonus!

Project Variety

I had each of my boys decide on a craft they wanted to make. One chose the “Mini Mold” project using the miniature bowl mold, and the other chose the “Wee Vase.”

Child sculpting a small bowl with air dry clay

I was relieved that the images in the tutorials look like the work of children and not  professional sculptors. That gave my twins the confidence they needed to make these clay crafts.

I have one perfectionist child, so this advice from the book was spot-on: “If it doesn’t turn out the way you want the first time around, just smash your clay and try again.”

Tips for Working with Air Dry Clay

  1. If the clay is too wet, break off a piece and let it dry out slightly (about 10 minutes). Place the remaining clay back in the resealable pouch.
  2. Add moisture to smooth the clay and make it more pliable if it starts drying out.
  3. Allow the clay to air dry naturally for the recommended 1-2 days before painting. No oven or baking required!
  4. If the clay keeps cracking, encourage your child to add a little more water or thicken the walls of the sculpture.
  5. Always wash the tools after each use before storing the kit.

Clean-Up Tips

We didn’t have any laundry issues, but if you’re concerned about clay getting stuck in clothes, you can have your kids wear a crafting apron.

Rest assured, air-dry clay does come out of clothes. Just let it dry before scraping it off and then hand-wash any remaining clay.


Suncatcher DIY Tutorial

Learn how to make reusable window clings that look like stained glass.

Finishing the Air-Dry Clay Projects

Once the clay has air-dried, the painting begins! The How-To book has plenty of inspiration for different painting techniques. My boys had fun painting rainbow patterns and polka dots on their mini sculptures.

Adding glaze to mini air dry clay pottery with Klutz Tiny Ceramics Studio

After letting the paint dry, the boys enjoyed putting a finishing touch on their masterpieces by adding a glaze. I love how polished these little works of art look! The boys are already talking about making a clay gift for their grandparents.

I have a feeling these little Michaelangelos will be launching their own craft blogs someday!

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Collage of kids making air dry clay crafts using the Klutz Tiny Ceramics Studio

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  1. Your posts are always so informative and fun to read. Thanks for sharing about this Air Dry Clay kit… I actually think my grandson would love doing this, even though he’s only 6. 😉 Pinned!

    1. Thanks, Julie! Yes, I know he’d love it too. My boys loved getting their hands dirty with these projects (literally). Thanks for stopping by and pinning!

  2. I love this idea Crissy! Especially the part about keeping kids from so much screen time. And having the craft all in one place is perfect. My nephew’s birthday is coming up and he’ll be 8 so thanks for the ideal gift this year as well. Looking forward to seeing what other crafts the boys make together. Pinned and shared on FB

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! I hope your nephew enjoys it as much as my boys did. They’re the same age! Any time away from a screen is nice these days! Hugs, Crissy

    1. Thanks, Jen! I’m glad it comes with enough clay for a few afternoons of fun. I like that it’s not too “kiddie” like other doughs, so I’m sure your 14-year-old would have fun with it.