Front Porch Christmas Decorations: 5 Simple Tips

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During the holiday season, nothing welcomes guests quite like your front porch Christmas decorations. You might have a narrow entry (like mine), or you might have a wraparound porch with plenty of space. To give you a peek at the possibilities, my friends and I are sharing a tour of our porches in all shapes and sizes.

Front porch Christmas decorations including garland, Christmas wreath, Christmas lantern, and snow sled.

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Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

I love celebrating the holidays with a few friends, and Christmas tours are my favorite! Think of this as a progressive dinner party where we’re serving up porch inspiration.

Collage of Christmas porch decorations with text reading "2023 Christmas Porches Tour".

Amy from Atta Girl Says has graciously organized this tour of homes. If you haven’t visited Amy yet, you’re in for a real treat. She’s so creative!

You can visit all the homes on this tour at the end of this post.

5 Tips for Easy Front Porch Decor

If you’re like me, you love taking a stroll through the neighborhood to admire all the holiday decorations. Not everyone will step inside to see your beautiful Christmas tree decor, but all the neighbors will glimpse the exterior of your home.

(I’m the lady who snaps photos when I like what I see. No, I’m not casing your home.)

DIY Christmas wreath details, including checkered ribbon, gold ribbon, and red ribbon with a mix of red and gold ornaments and greenery.

Since Christmas is such a hectic time of year, I try to use what I have on hand to mix and match decor. It’s not only easier on the budget but also prevents more clutter.

Today I’ll share how I start with a few staples and change the look or color scheme across the years. I’ve broken my process down into five simple tips that have made my life easier.

Tip # 1: Use heavy-duty hooks to hang a garland

Several years ago, I purchased a pre-lit outdoor garland from Costco. I actually bought two garlands that I string together to frame our front door. I love the natural pine cones and berries mixed in with the greenery. It offers a great traditional foundation for adding other elements like ornaments, floral picks, and ribbons.

Outdoor Faux Garland Options

Since my garland is very heavy, I use magnetic hooks to hang it in three places with string. I’m unsure if this is a common feature, but our house has a metal strip above the windows. The magnetic hooks are so strong that I have trouble pulling them off! They work much better than command strips, though I’ve had luck with those for my indoor Christmas mantel decor.

If you don’t have a magnetic structure, try using command strips, brick hook clips, or a tension rod above your door. You can also buy a single-door garland holder or a double-door garland holder.

Tip #2: Repurpose old Christmas tree ribbons

I can’t resist a pretty Christmas ribbon, and I never regret buying a good quality roll either. Years ago, I used this red and gold color scheme on my Christmas tree, so I thought I’d try it outdoors too.

Red and gold traditional Christmas tree.

Given that we have a black front door, I usually need bright colors around the doorway to create a good contrast. Our porch is narrow but deep, so it can look quite dark without a pop of color.

I alternated with a red ribbon and a glittery gold ribbon, tucking them into the garland at various points. You can see how the garland pinches the ribbon to hold it in place, but no one will notice this detail from a distance.

Details of ribbon inserted into outdoor garland along with Christmas ornaments and other Christmas accents.

If you’re short on ribbon, here’s a great trick. Cut smaller pieces of ribbon and attach the strands to the garland using pipe cleaner to give the illusion they are weaving in and out. You’ll find an example of this in my plaid Christmas tree decor.

3. Use a wreath base that you can redecorate

I love a good DIY wreath, and I’ve made several Christmas wreaths over the years in different styles. You can find a budget-friendly evergreen wreath at any craft store. Then each year, simply swap out the ornaments and ribbon to match your Christmas decor.

Christmas wreath decorated with red and gold ribbons, ornaments, and leaves hanging on front door.

Since I had some red and gold ribbon left over, I made a simple bow at the top of my wreath and repurposed some old ornaments. I spray-painted a few faux leaf stems to match and inserted them with floral wire. The good thing about ornaments is that they are easy to attach and remove from year to year.

Tip: Always use shatterproof ornaments in your front porch Christmas decor.

4. Add a few decor elements at the base

Adding a few Christmas accents at the base of your porch decor can help balance out heavy garland around the frame. I started with an oversized Joy doormat to match our color scheme. It’s sold out now, but this Christmas holly mat has a similar color scheme.

Next, I chose to add a Christmas lantern and a small sled (both previously used as living room Christmas decor).

Christmas lantern with candle, pinecones, and greenery.

Lanterns are a great way to not only add visual interest but also hide ugly cords (wink). I added a few evergreen stems and red berries to this lantern along with pinecones to surround the large pillar candle.

Small Christmas sled on front porch.

The sled was a gift from my mother, but I found a similar sled online as well. It’s just begging for a pair of vintage ice skates, don’t you think? I’m on the lookout now!

5. Use LED lights and timers for evening ambience

While your Christmas porch decorations may look great during the daytime, I think the magic happens at night. I love finding ways to illuminate our entryway with LED fairy lights or candles when a traditional plug is inconvenient.

Front porch Christmas decorations with a garland, wreath, sled, and lantern illuminated at night.

For example, I have fairy lights on the wreath that come on with a timer each night. I can change the light pattern and brightness with a handy remote control. The large pillar candle in the lantern is also controlled with a timer feature.

More Outdoor Christmas Decorations

To put some finishing touches to my deep porch, I added a couple of throw pillows and a blanket to my wrought iron bench. This just gave the space some extra holiday cheer. It’s now the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly winter night.

Christmas porch decorations with throw blanket and throw pillows placed on bench.

If I had more space, I’d consider adding planters or poinsettias at the entrance to my porch, but sometimes it’s best not to crowd a small space.

Keep scrolling to see more Christmas front porch decorations from my friends!

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Christmas front porch decorated with garland, a Christmas wreath, a lantern, and a sled. Text overlay reads "Christmas Porch Decorations".

Continue Your Tour

Don’t forget my blogger friends are sharing their Christmas porches below. Next on your tour is Michelle from Our Crafty Mom. You’ll find plenty of ways to add charm to your home with Michelle’s sweet hot chocolate bar.

collage of four porch Christmas decorations

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collage of three different porches decorated for Christmas with a wreath graphic

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Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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  1. Chrissy, your front porch is just beautiful! I absolutely love the red and gold garland around the door and all of your warm and welcoming touches. Thank you for sharing your porch with us. Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks, Angie! I love snagging those hooks from my husband’s workshop each year. I enjoyed seeing your tour as well and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Oh, Crissy! Your porch is lovely! And those gold leaves you added to the wreath are perfect! Love the twisted ribbon in your garland, too! I bet your neighbors are going to be blessed each time they walk drive or walk by your home! Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! You’re such a kind and supportive friend. I’m glad you liked the decor, and I hope it brings some cheer to the neighborhood too. Thanks for pinning, dear friend!

  3. Your porch is stunning, Crissy! And so many great tips. How did I not know about those magnetic hooks? I’ve already added them to my cart for next year!