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How to Make Decorative Stakes for a Garden (Americana Style)

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That’s it! I’m finally putting a stake in the ground! Today, I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how to make decorative stakes for a garden with Americana style patterns.

Trio of garden stakes with Americana patriotic theme sitting in flower pot - DIY tutorial

These garden stakes will stand up to the elements under a covered porch or patio. They add just a touch of patriotic pride to your plants. (Try saying that five times fast!)

Since there’s only a bit of cutting and pasting involved, this craft is easy enough for kids to enjoy. It only takes about 30 minutes of active time with some pauses in between for the glue to dry.

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Supplies for Garden Stakes

Supplies to make decorative stakes for a garden, including Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, scissors and paint brushes

The magic here involves using the “outdoor” formula for Mod Podge. For best results, you’ll still want your finished project in a covered area, like a patio or porch, but it should withstand the elements just fine.

Tip: If you have trouble locating a wooden heart on a stick, you can modify your project by gluing a wood heart onto a dowel or metal rod.

Steps for Making Decorative Garden Stakes

The instructions below will get you started, and I also created a quick video that walks through the whole shebang. Be sure to hit the button below so you won’t miss a thing on my YouTube channel!

I have many decoupage projects on this site, from beginner to intermediate, and this one is as easy as they come! If you’re a complete decoupage newbie, I highly recommend taking a quick peek at my Guide to Decoupage on Wood.

1. Paint the Stakes

Decorative garden stakes made of painted wood and patriotic deoupage paper

Use any standard acrylic paint to cover the sides and sticks of your stakes. (Boy, I’m all about the tongue twisters today.)

Since we’ll seal the entire stake with Mod Podge Outdoor, you don’t need a special outdoor paint, though it’s helpful.

2. Trace and cut scrapbook paper

Trace each side of the garden stakes onto the back of your scrapbook paper. Make sure you trace each side separately, since the wooden shapes may not be perfectly symmetrical.

Tracing shape of wooden stakes onto back of scrapbook paper

I usually load up on scrapbook paper bundles to use for multiple craft projects. (I’m a sucker for a pretty paper!) However, I found these sheets of Americana patterns on sale at Hobby Lobby.

3. Glue paper shapes to wooden stakes

Here comes the fun part! Apply a thin layer of regular Mod Podge Matte to one side of your stake and firmly press your paper shape onto the surface.

Applying heart shaped scrapbook paper to wooden garden stakes with Mod Podge

Wait about 15-20 minutes for the decoupage glue to dry before continuing to the next step.

4. Apply Outdoor Mod Podge

Once the glue has dried, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge Outdoor to the surface of each garden stake. Let dry about 15-20 minutes before applying a second coat.

Applying Mod Podge outdoor as top coat to garden stakes with Americana paper theme

You may wonder if you can just use the Outdoor version of Mod Podge to both glue the paper onto the wood and apply a protective top coat…

I’m here to tell you that the Outdoor product goes on muuuuuch thicker. You’ll definitely want to use the regular Matte product to glue the paper to the wood. Otherwise, you’ll have bumps and bubbles everywhere.

5. Apply additional protective layers, as needed

Heart shaped garden stake DIY project sitting in pot outdoors

To finish off your DIY garden stakes, you’ll want to apply 1-2 coats of the outdoor Mod Podge onto the sticks, unless you used a metal rod or outdoor paint.

Let the entire stakes cure for 72 hours before placing outside.

I did notice the stakes remained a bit tacky after applying a few coats of the Mod Podge Outdoor, but the stickiness should subside after the project fully cures.

How do you like your stakes?

Well, what do you think of your stakes? I created mine with an Independence Day theme, but you can make decorative garden stakes for any time of year.

Americana patriotic garden stakes DIY project in blue flower pot

If you like this Americana style, check out my patriotic font collection, which includes 21 free fonts to download.

More Uses for Decorative Garden Stakes

As I completed this decoupage project, I realized that I could customize these decorated stakes in so many other ways, like…

  • Wreath picks
  • Floral picks in a bouquet
  • Mason jar decor for holidays
  • Inserts in gift baskets
  • Baby shower or bridal shower decor (with different paper, of course)
  • Table centerpiece

The possibilities are endless! Let me know what you plan to make in the comments below!

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Easy DIY garden stakes with Americana theme
Decorative garden stakes trio in flower pot

How to Make DIY Garden Stakes

Author: firstdayofhome.com
Learn how to make beautiful garden stakes in any pattern of your choosing! This simple DIY project uses wood stakes and scrapbook paper along with a special formulation of Mod Podge to make your garden stakes last outdoors.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Project Type Arts & Crafts
Cost (US$)5
Yield 1


  • Paint edges of wooden stakes and dowels.
  • Trace pattern onto the wrong side of scrapbook paper. Cut a shape for each side of the stake.
  • Glue paper to the wooden stake using Mod Podge Matte. Let dry 20 minutes.
  • After stakes are dry, apply a coat of Mod Podge Outdoor to all edges of stake. Let cure for 48-72 hours before using outdoors.
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  1. I love these, Crissy. And the different ideas you suggest on how to use the decorative wooden garden stakes are perfect! Love me some scrapbook paper, too! I have WAY too much! Pinned!

    1. Thanks, my friend! Yes, I’m always looking for ways to use up my scrapbook paper inventory! I appreciate you pinning, as always.

    1. Thank you so much, Barbara! I hope you do try them out. They are so easy to customize and make great little gifts or decorative accents.