Mother’s Day Gifts for Nature Loving Moms

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Does your mom love the great outdoors or communing with nature? Today, I’ve collected my favorite Mother’s Day gifts for nature-loving moms.

Gifts for nature-loving moms

Gift Guide for Nature-Loving Moms

Below are my top gift suggestions for moms who love flowers, plants, or nature in general. I’ve included both DIY options and B-U-Y deals that won’t break the bank.

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1. Flower Pressed Gifts

I began creating flower press art a few years ago when we had just moved into our new home. Antique floral prints were trending, but I created my pressed flower decor for sentimental reasons.

I love having a preserved memory from a specific place in time. These pieces also acquire a sweet vintage look over the years.

DIY pressed flower wall art

Since I always find myself pressed for time (no pun intended), I bought this incredibly useful Microfleur 9-inch press to speed up the process. (There’s a smaller version available, too.) You can also get 10% off your order when you use my code: FIRSTDAY10!

I had amazing results using this in my microwave. The pressed flowers were so exquisite and looked like tissue paper.

2. Terrarium Arrangement

Home decor stores carry a variety of terrariums for moms who love indoor plants. These containers are so versatile, and the architectural shape makes a fabulous accent for a table.

Inside, you can place succulents, blossoms, candles, or string lights. The combination of greenery, florals, and lights below would make a stunning Mother’s Day gift.

3. Succulent Centerpiece

Speaking of succulents, check out my post on creating a one-hour succulent arrangement. You can find everything you need at Hobby Lobby. I’ve never had much luck with real succulents, but if you know of a nature-loving mom with a green thumb, mini succulents would also make a charming gift.

Faux succulent arrangement in planter

4. Botanical Art

Botanical prints have a certain timeless quality. I first wrote about these prints as part of my spring home decorating post.

My breakfast room came to life after I hung this set on the wall, and you can imagine my surprise when I saw the very same designs in a Frontgate catalog. I paid a fraction of the price for my high-quality prints at BelleMaison and then framed them myself.

Botanical prints for Mother's Day gifts
Photo credit: cedarandsagestudios.com

5. Free Mother’s Day Printable Watercolor Art

Another thoughtful and inexpensive gift is a framed piece of art with quotes about motherhood. I have four free Mother’s Day printables with various watercolor designs you can print at home or at a copy shop.

Set of four free printables for Mother's Day with floral watercolor designs

6. DIY Rice Heating Pad for Moms

If you want to give the gift of relaxation and stress relief, try these DIY rice heating pads with lavender! They are easy to sew (or make without sewing), and you can customize them with the fabric of your choice.

Finished DIY lavender rice heating pads

7. Fruit Trees

A fruit tree is a gift that, yes, keeps on giving. I highly recommend a Meyer Lemon tree because this variety is excellent for baking.

My absolute favorite recipe is Chez Panisse Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie from The New York Times. I buy the mini tart shells in the frozen food aisle and focus all of my attention on the filling and meringue. As part of your gift presentation, you can print out the recipe and attach it to the tree.

8. Faux Potted Plants

For the nature lover who appreciates low-maintenance gifts, decorative trees offer a nice alternative. You’ll be on-trend if you buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree or an olive tree like the one below. Click the images below to shop!

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