Father’s Day Gifts for Dad: The Ultimate List

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If you’re like me, you dread searching for Father’s Day gifts for the dad who has everything. Today, I’m taking the guesswork out by sharing our curated list of gifts updated for 2021.

Finding the Best Gifts for Dad

Can we all agree that finding the perfect gift for men is just hard?  

To help you out, we’re including foodie gifts, adventurer gifts, woodworking gifts, and just general “dad gear.” You can hop around based on your loved one’s preference.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dads

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1. The Joule

The Joule is a sous vide (pronounced “soo veed”) tool for cooking. You place raw food within a plastic pouch or glass jar and then submerge it in water to cook at a regulated temperature. You get perfectly cooked food every time. (Think steak cooked to a precise done-ness.)

You can even tell Alexa to control the Joule for you. Lazy cooking, people!

2. Meat Thermometer

If you’ve ever undercooked or overcooked food on the grill, you need this meat thermometer. This thermometer displays the internal temperature of our food within 3-4 seconds! It works on any food that needs to be cooked or chilled…beef, poultry, fish, deep-fried foods, baked goods, candy.

3. Etsy Personalized Cutting Boards

With summertime grilling season upon us, these personalized cutting boards make great gifts for dad. We use ours for everything from appetizers to grilled meats.

My Top Cutting Board Picks:

4. Grillaholics Grill Basket

I dig the entire line of Grillaholics products on Amazon! With this special grilling basket you can quickly saute vegetables on the grill. It’s a must-have for vegetarians and carnivores alike!

5. Taco Making Kit by Man Crates

This taco-making bundle is ideal for any Mexican food lover. It has everything you need to make an epic Taco Tuesday, including authentic sauces and a real tortilla press!

6. CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens

This 4-in-1 lens kit for mobile phones is so cool! It includes a telephoto lens, fisheye lens, super wide-angle lens, and macro lens. It’s like a mini DSLR camera in your pocket.

The kit is compatible with iPhone, Android, Samsung and other smart phones.

7. LED Headlamp

If you know of a father who does NOT own an LED headlamp, trust me when I say he will love getting one. My 6-year-old twins even own some!

8. The Complete Manual of Woodworking

The new man-cave activity of choice is now woodworking. However, buying tools for a woodworker sounds like mission impossible. The Complete Manual of Woodworking is perfect for beginner woodworkers. Another great book for intermediate/advanced levels is Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How.

9. Man Cave Metal Sign

To decorate the “man cave,” you can find several personalized metal signs that would be perfect for Father’s Day.

10. DIY Wooden Sign

Try buying a pre-made wooden farmhouse sign if you love the idea of creating your own sign for Dad. You can hand-paint the lettering on or using a Cameo or Cricut cutting machine. See my post on making a DIY farmhouse wood sign for more details.

11. Woodworker’s T-shirt

Since we have a fondness for woodworking in our house, this Sawdust is Man Glitter shirt is a must-have. I love how it’s playful yet manly all at the same time!

12. Heavy Duty Shop Apron

This heavy-duty shop apron looked so appealing, I actually purchased one for my husband last year. It did not disappoint! He loves using it while he tinkers around in his workshop.

13. Dad’s Workshop Acrylic Sign

This fun personalized sign is a great way to make a woodworking shop official! For a DIY option, you can also easily make this Decoupage Wood Sign.

My Favorite Workshop Signs

14. Funky Socks Bundle

Every man needs a few pairs of funky socks in his repertoire, right? 😉 These cubist-inspired socks stopped me in my tracks. Love ’em!

15. Personalized Dopp Kit

If your man is more traditional and not the “funky sock” type, try buying one of these handsome dopp kits that you can personalize just for him.

16. Camper Birdhouse

I wanted to buy this vintage camper birdhouse even before I realized it was a birdhouse. It’s too cute for words but still has a hip, masculine vibe!

17. Hex Jewelry Stand

This jewelry stand for men is one of the most unique gifts for dad I’ve seen out there. The multi-level design makes it super functional and very manly.

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  1. Big, big fan of the Thermapen! This is one of those gifts where you just don’t realize how much it can help you until you have one! If you like to grill, this is a must have and the brand to go with.