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Spring Wreath Makeover

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Spring Wreath Makeover

Last year, an adorable wren made a home in our front-door wreath, so needless to say, I was due for a spring wreath makeover. Let me tell you, it’s difficult to use your front door when a momma bird has attached her precious cargo to it!

Birds nest in old wreath
Wren nest in my original wreath

After the chicks flew the coop, one of my boys turned to me with a look of total disappointment. He said, “The mommy will come back and ask, ‘Where did my babies go?'”

Isn’t that the truth, parents?!

Here’s hoping that this year’s wreath will be inviting, but not too inviting…

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The Demo Phase

Having weathered the Airbnb stay, my old wreath looked a bit tired. But like any fixer-upper, it still had good bones.

Spring grapevine wreath from scratch for front door Easter decor
The old wreath

I had originally attached the floral stems with wire and hot glue, so it didn’t take much effort to remove all the pieces. I gave everything a good rinse with the water hose to salvage what I could for future projects. As it turned out, the hydrangeas made the perfect filler for my Easter cart display.

Supplies and Materials for Spring Floral Wreath

Floral stems for spring wreath made from scratch

You can buy a grapevine wreath form if you need a new one, though I used my existing one for this project.

I purchased all of my floral stems at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale. It took lots of mixing and matching, but I finally settled on the following:

  • Tulips
  • Magnolias
  • Orchids
  • Roses
  • Ranunculus
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Freesia
  • Pink field mini blossoms
  • Ferns and bush vines

I planned to make the magnolias and roses my main focal points, with the yellow orchids and freesia as highlights.

Layering Floral Stems for Spring Grapevine Wreath

This is the part where I raided my husband’s man cave to borrow wire cutters. I like to cut most of my stems before I begin, though I always end up trimming more as I go. Below are some pics of my stems after cutting.

Fern stem for spring wreath made from scratch
Freesia spray for homemade spring wreath
Tulips for spring grapevine wreath made from scratch

To begin, I layered the fern branches and bush vines evenly around the wreath. I used floral wire, but any type of floral adhesive or hot glue would work.

Fern placement for spring wreath from scratch

When dealing with so many stems, I usually arrange 80-90% of the wreath and snap a photo before permanently attaching anything. Here, I started with my whites and pinks before blending in the yellow accents.

Pink and white florals on grapevine wreath for front door spring wreath

I removed some of the longer leaves (like those of the tulips) to add back later.

Extra leaves from the roses and ranunculus also helped fill in bald spots on my wreath. They were like little floral toupees. No one wants her wreath to look old before its time, right? 😉

Spring Wreath Makeover – The Reveal

After affixing the yellow orchids and freesia stems, I added twiggy mini blossoms throughout. This gave the wreath a more whimsical feel. Hopefully, it won’t give the wrens any ideas about adding twigs of their own, though.

Final homemade spring wreath for front door decor

A closer look at this grapevine front door wreath for spring…

Spring wreath made from scratch


After a year had passed, my spring wreath makeover needed yet another makeover. Some of the flowers sadly did not last.

I have plenty of tips to share on how I updated this wreath to stay in shape for years to come. Visit my post on how to get the best-looking DIY spring wreath for details, or click the image below!

Spring wreath ideas for maintenance and care
Updated spring wreath with tips for maintenance

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Learn how to make a DIY spring wreath using a grapevine wreath and faux flowers for the front door

More Wreath Decor Ideas and Inspiration

Here’s a look at more of my DIY wreaths throughout the years. I hope you enjoy making a handmade wreath of your very own!

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  1. I love your new and improved wreath! I missed my opportunity for a Spring wreath, but I would like to try my hand at one for the Fall!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It’s not too late for a Spring wreath. I have other ideas on my Pinterest board for that if you’re interested. I hope to give you some Fall wreath inspiration later this year. Thanks for visiting!