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A Simple Lavender Wreath to Make in 10 Minutes

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To celebrate the start of spring, I’m sharing a simple lavender wreath that you can make in under 10 minutes. That’s right, this DIY project is as quick and easy as they come!

Basket wreath with lavender, dahlias and lamb's ear for spring front door decor

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How to Make a DIY Lavender Wreath

This spring wreath has a touch of classic elegance and rustic farmhouse style. While you’ll find many lavender wreaths shaped in a traditional circle using a wire form or grapevine base, this farmhouse wreath uses a basket to house its floral goodies.

In this YouTube video, I shared this wreath tutorial, along with a few more moss DIY projects for spring.

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Supplies Needed

Step 1: Tie string to hang

Before you get carried away inserting floral bunches, make sure you attach a string or piece of twine to hang the wreath. I used simple jute twine to make a loop at the top of my basket.

Tip: First, you may want to measure how far down you want the basket to hang. (My initial loop had the basket sitting too high, so you can learn from my mistakes.)

Step 2: Tie ribbon onto the basket

For that cozy farmhouse feel, you can attach a striped ribbon to the front of the basket. I usually prefer a classic, simple style for my bows, and this farmhouse ribbon had me at hello.

Hanging rattan basket with farmhouse ribbon

Step 3: Insert moss

There’s no magic to inserting the super moss, but I do recommend placing the green side outward to show through the basket. (There’s a brown side to this moss as well.)

Inserting moss into basket wreath for spring front door

You won’t need to use any fancy glue or floral wire to secure the moss. (How easy is that?!) This stuff stays in place thanks to gravity alone.

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Tip: There’s no need to fill the backside of the wreath with moss since it won’t show anyway. For more ideas on ways to use up the rest of that moss, be sure to watch this entire YouTube video!

Step 4: Insert floral stems

Once the front side of the basket is completely covered in moss, you can begin inserting your floral stems.

Basket wreath filled with super moss with farmhouse ribbon attached

First, you’ll insert the stems toward the back (lamb’s ear in this case), followed by the lavender stems. The white dahlias then fit nicely in front to add fullness and contrast to the arrangement.

In my video, I show exactly how I trimmed some of the stems to fit perfectly. Others came in just the right length already, ready to insert. I’ve never made a wreath so quickly or easily before!

I almost feel guilty calling this a tutorial. Almost.

Lavender wreath in a basket with dahlias and lamb's ear in a farmhouse style

Do you ever feel like you finish a project but aren’t really sure you’re “finished”? While I love my DIY spring wreath, I think it could use a little more color to stand out against my black front door. What are your thoughts?

DIY wreath with lavender, dahlias and lamb's ear in a basket with farmhouse ribbon

Part of the fun is exploring and experimenting, so stay tuned for future modifications to this lavender wreath. For now, it’s waiting to welcome guests again this spring.

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Lavender wreath with dahlias and lamb's ear in rattan basket with farmhouse bow
Spring wreath basket with lavender, dahlias and lamb's ear stems

How to Make an Easy Lavender Wreath

Author: firstdayofhome.com
Make this simple lavender wreath to decorate your front door for spring or summer. This basket wreath only takes 5-10 minutes to make, and it's budget-friendly too!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Project Type Everyday Decor
Cost (US$)15-20
Yield 1 wreath



  • Begin by tying a jute twine loop to the top of the basket for hanging. If the basket is unstable when hanging on a door, you can weave the loop through the main body of the basket.
  • Tie a bow with the farmhouse ribbon by weaving it through the front of the basket. Make sure the bow is 1/3 down from the edge of the basket so it will show after inserting the flowers. Trim the ends of the ribbon to form an inverted "v."
  • Add sections of moss to the inside of the basket with the green facing out.
  • Insert the two lamb’s ear stems, trimming the stems down to size.
  • Insert the lavender stems in front of the lamb’s ear stems, trimming the stems as needed.
  • Add the dahlia bunch in front.
  • Hang the wreath on a front door or as a wall hanging indoors.
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  1. Loved this wreath? I’m making a wreath that will be outside in the weather. What Kind of ribbon can be put on a wreath that will withstand the elements?

    1. Hi Carol! I’ve used everything from burlap to canvas and cotton for outdoor decor. If the wreath is directly exposed to sun or rain, you may need to wash or replace the ribbon after some time. Our front porch is covered, but we get very humid and windy weather at times. I’ve never had a major issue. Here’s a link to some of my favorite farmhouse ribbons, many of which are made of canvas or cotton: https://amzn.to/3ck2P8j. I can’t wait to see how your wreath turns out! Best wishes, Crissy

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I hope you’re doing well, too. Crazy times, right? I’d like to just pretend I’m welcoming people through my front door right now. Hopefully someday soon!

  2. Great tutorial, and such a pretty lavender wreath for your spring door! Always love your sense of humor, and great details! Pinned!

    1. Thanks, my friend! This was perhaps my easiest spring wreath ever! It’s nice to find a quick DIY project to share with friends. Thanks for pinning, as always!