The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

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My husband and I have learned over the years it’s wise to share a Christmas wish list, even if we don’t always stick to the script. Based on conversations with my female friends and my own thorough research, I’m happy to share this ultimate guide to Christmas gifts for women.

(Can someone please make sure my hubby reads this?)

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How to Shop this Gift Guide for Women

I’ve organized this list by category so you can decide what type of gift best fits your loved one. Whether you’re shopping for a mom, wife, or sister, it’s hard to go wrong here if you ask me!

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When all else fails, you can always go the Amazon gift card route, but I think the gifts in this guide are extra special! Most come from small shops and cost less than $100.

(I do have a few gifts over $100, but they’re a bit exceptional, so I couldn’t resist.)

Note: To shop these items, simply click on the photos. All prices and availability are current as of this writing.

Self-Care Christmas Gifts for Women

Lord knows we need a little self-care after the year we’ve experienced!

Men, if you’re listening out there, you can never go wrong buying a woman a Christmas gift that involves pampering!

You can see the current prices if you hover over the images above. When you click through, you’ll be redirected to the store where you can purchase the product.

I adore the relaxation products above, like the “calming waters” kit and spa gift box. I think I might need to have a standing refill of those waters!

I also love the dough bowl candle idea because dough bowls are always in style after the candle is long gone.

“Entertaining at Home” Gifts for Women

We’ve had to make do with a lot of entertaining at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still fancy and indulgent.

Bread Proofing at Home

I recently discovered the bread proofing kit you see above, and I’m totally in love with scratch breadmaking! There’s nothing that compares to warm, fresh bread out of the oven.

Based on the trends I’ve seen, I’m not alone in this sentiment!

If you’re not familiar with the term “bread proofing,” it’s a step in making bread that activates the yeast. It happens right after the dough is shaped and before baking. The kit above includes a bowl to make perfectly shaped bread every time.

Charcuterie Boards and Cheese Spreads

Charcuterie board tray with figs, nuts, pretzels, cornichons and other savory snacks
My fall charcuterie board

Have you jumped on the charcuterie board wagon yet? It’s high time, my friend! Everyone loves a smorgasbord with meat, cheeses, and other savory bites. A personalized charcuterie tray along with a cookbook makes the perfect Christmas gift for women who are foodies.

Cozy Christmas Gifts for Women

What woman doesn’t want to feel cozy at home? A snuggly blanket and soothing hygge items…bring it on!

Can you imagine listening to a wind chime while wrapped in a chunky blanket with a candle burning nearby? I can’t picture it, so I think my husband needs to buy some of these things for me. (smirk)

Best Hair Accessories to Buy for Women

If I could pick two fabrics to define the year, they would be linen and velvet. Accessorizing with these materials adds a bit of glam factor to a woman’s routine.

I’m especially fond of the headband option for busy moms. A breezy linen scarf always adds a bit of flair to a wardrobe, too. I’m enjoying a similar scarf I received from my husband last year. (Smart man!)

Top Personalized Christmas Gifts for Women

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized gift. I’m so enamored with these sentimental Christmas gift ideas because they add an extra personal touch.

How amazing are the recipe pie plate and custom house portrait? These are the types of gifts that would make a woman cry with joy.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite gift you’ve picked from the list. If you need more ideas, you can always visit my Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Nature Lovers.

Happy Holidays!

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