The Year’s Best Craft Room Ideas

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If you’re an avid crafter, you probably have more supplies than you know what to do with and could use some organizing help! These craft room ideas helped me on my journey to organize my own creative space. I’m sure you’ll get inspired too!

Collage of craft room ideas

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The Best Crafting Room Ideas

When I converted our guest room into my craft room studio, I scoured Pinterest and the blogosphere to create my action plan. I eventually came up with my dream menu of 30 craft room organization solutions. You can grab a free printable list of storage ideas in that post too!

In the process, I found it helpful to see completed craft rooms like the ones below. My friends have great options for craft room furniture, Cricut storage, closet organization, sewing room organization, and even craft room ideas for kids.

Craft Room Highlights (1-minute)

Craft Room Wall Ideas

1. Functional shelves and wall decor

Craft room organization including cube storage, IKEA bookcases and hanging frame rail
Source: First Day of Home

When it comes to craft room organization, utilizing vertical space in your craft room is an absolute must. You can add so much additional storage with shelving, boxes, and bins.

This wall in my own craft room is both decorative and functional. I used baskets and storage boxes of various sizes to maximize shelf space. The frame rail also allows me to swap out photos and craft room decor throughout the year.

2. Hanging storage racks for gift wrap and ribbon

Sewing room with hanging shelves for paper storage
Source: Songbird

When it comes to small craft room ideas, my friend Marianne is the queen of creating a serene space that lives larger than it actually is. By using hanging racks and adjustable shelves, this efficient space looks tidy but has loads of storage space.

3. DIY craft room pegboard wall

Giant DIY pegboard with craft supplies
Source: Making Manzanita

Chelsea and Logan from Making Manzanita used their vertical space very effectively with this pegboard wall craft storage. Pegboards are a great way to create flexible space that you can rearrange as your needs change. There are so many great storage solutions on this one wall alone, and I adore the bold design!

4. Gift wrap storage ideas

Hanging grocery store storage bins holding gift wrap and hooks on walls holding gift bags
Source: Lamberts Lately

Lamberts Lately used grocery bag storage holders to create vertical storage for wrapping paper and large rolls of ribbon. From gift wrap supplies to vinyl storage, Leslie really has some great tips for utilizing wall space to get everything off the floor!

5. Pegboard ideas for craft room stations

Colorful framed pegboards with racks for sewing notions and Cricut craft supplies
Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Angie Holden has so many great pegboard craft room ideas for Cricut and sewing supplies. She uses framed pegboards to keep her supplies close to craft machines for easy access. Plus, the colorful frames add a pretty pop of color to her craft room.

6. Colorful pegboard for craft supplies

Painted craft room pegboard with scissors, vinyl and other hanging tools
Source: Creative Ramblings

Here is a delightful colorful craft room that also uses smaller pegboards and hanging shelves for storage. Washi tape, scissors, and even Cricut vinyl hang on the pegboard for easy access.

7. Bold craft room wallpaper

Craft room walls decorated with floral wallpaper and a hanging acrylic calendar
Source: Amber Oliver

This wall in Amber Oliver’s craft room and office has me swooning. The dramatic floral patterned wallpaper, a modern dry-erase calendar, and motivational artwork on the opposite wall are definitely goals for craft room wall decor.

8. Craft room chalkboard and paper storage

Craft room chalkboard and paper storage bins
Source: Zucchini Sisters

A unique craft room chalkboard and paper storage bins add a vintage vibe to this craft room by Zucchini Sisters. By propping the chalkboard on storage bins and paper cubbies Rebecca really maximized the wall space above her storage cabinets.

9. Hanging memo boards

Craft room office with desk, bookcase, and magnetic bulletin board
Source: DIY Beautify

Cindy from DIY Beautify took an ordinary space and turned it into a highly organized and fully functioning office craft room. Her magnetic memo board is a great way to keep track of daily projects while minimizing clutter on her office desk.

Craft Room Closets

10. Sewing closet organization

Craft room sewing closet with hanging fabric storage and pull-out drawers
Source: Maggie Overby Studios

This craft room closet by Maggie Overby Studios is a dream space for any sewing enthusiast. Sliding drawers for sewing machines as well as hanging fabric storage make this a very efficient use of space.

11. Craft room office closet

Craft room closet with hanging shelves and built-in desk
Source: Marty’s Musings

If you have a craft room but need to incorporate an office into the space, Marty’s Musings has a great craft room closet idea. She transformed an ordinary closet in her craft room into an office nook packed with storage shelves and colorful decor ideas.

12. Open-shelf craft room office storage

Craft room office with open shelves and sliding barn door
Source: Lemon Thistle

I am having a major fan-girl moment over this open-shelf storage solution. It is such a sophisticated space that holds both crafting and office supplies. The sliding barn door is just the icing on the cake.

Craft Room Storage Furniture

13. Cube storage solutions

Craft room space with cube storage desk, IKEA Billy bookcases and IKEA Kallax units
Source: First Day of Home

When I redesigned my own craft room, I knew that I would need some practical furniture to keep things organized. I sketched out a blueprint of my design and then found the pieces that would work best in my space, like the IKEA Kallax units. You can see the whole process in this craft room makeover series on my YouTube channel.

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14. Farmhouse craft room furniture

Craft room farmhouse cabinet with storage and matching desk
Source: Tonya Stabb

Tonya Staab’s farmhouse craft room furniture has plenty of storage space but keeps the room feeling clean and uncluttered. The inside of her cabinet is super organized with clear storage bins for small craft supplies. (And can we discuss that great paint organizer?)

15. Craft room cabinets from IKEA

IKEA Pax wall storage units in craft room
Source: Birdz of a Feather

Would you believe this entire wall of craft supply storage was created from IKEA Pax Units? It looks like a built-in closet and has plenty of options for customization. You’ll want to check out Sara’s vintage card catalog storage too!

16. DIY craft room table

DIY craft room table with storage underneath
Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

A sturdy craft room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for any crafter. Sustain My Craft Habit made their DIY table by repurposing an old interior door. This custom table has the added benefit of storage space underneath.

17. Craft room cabinet with door storage

Craft cabinet with door storage for organizing supplies
Source: Repurpose and Upcycle

This craft room cabinet packs a lot of storage options into a small space. I love that you can vary the height of both the door shelves and the interior shelves for extra versatility.

18. Dreambox craft storage

Dreambox storage cabinet for craft room
Source: Messy Little Monster

If you’re not familiar with the Dreambox craft storage system, prepare to be amazed. This folding cabinet has a spot for every type of craft supply you could imagine, and it comes with a foldable desk. It’s the perfect furniture option for a small craft room if you’re tight on space!

Craft room organization ideas for supplies

19. Fabric organization ideas

Craft room storage shelves with fabric squares organized by color
Source: Laura Kelly

I am loving these fabric organization ideas from Laura Kelly. By folding fabric neatly and organizing it by color in a bookcase, she can easily dream up her next sewing project.

20. Paint storage solutions

Paint storage using spice rack risers
Source: Smiling Colors

Are you loving this craft paint storage idea as much as I am? Organizing paints by color using a spice rack is such a brilliant idea. This is just the tip of the iceberg in Smitha’s gorgeous crafting room.

21. Desk drawer organization

Open drawer with DIY drawer dividers

If you’re looking for craft room ideas on a budget, here’s the solution for you. Make your own DIY drawer dividers with household items (and use your pretty craft supplies in the process)! This gives you the ultimate flexibility to design the exact dimensions you need to organize your drawers.

Kids Craft Room Ideas

22. Rolling craft cart for kids

Kids art supply storage rolling cabinet
Source: Small Stuff Counts

If you don’t have a designated craft room, try this stunning idea Emily used for her kids’ art supply storage. It’s a craft room on wheels and allows the whole family to get creative at a moment’s notice.

23. Craft room basement for kids

Kids craft room ideas including DIY desk, painted chair and string art craft room decor
Source: The DIY Nuts

Looking for even more craft room ideas for kids? This basement space is packed with great solutions that you can implement in any room of your home. The wooden desktop and string art are only a fraction of the DIY ideas in this creative room!

How to start organizing your space

If you’re ready to begin the journey of creating your own craft room space, be sure to watch my craft room organization video. It shows how I designed my craft room layout with IKEA furniture before creating a plan to organize all of my craft supplies.

I’d love to see your finished craft rooms over on Instagram! You can tag me @firstdayofhome.

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Collage of craft room storage and organization ideas
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