Cricut Storage Ideas to Get Organized

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Having a Cricut machine in your life brings all kinds of creative possibilities with it. However, it also brings the need for Cricut storage ideas. You know, to contain all the vinyl, tools, markers, blades, and mats. I’m sharing a few of my favorite storage hacks to keep all your Cricut goodies organized.

Collage of Cricut storage solutions, including blade storage, vinyl storage, shelving, mat storage, and cardstock storage.

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Cricut Storage Ideas: Where to Begin

When I completed my craft room makeover, one of my main considerations was storage for Cricut machines and vinyl. That was before I acquired the Cricut EasyPress 3 and Cricut Mug Press, which came with even more Cricut supplies.

Fortunately, I started with a good plan to house craft supplies using a variety of IKEA furniture pieces, including Kallax cubes and Billy bookcases. (You can watch the full craft room makeover video on YouTube.)

This brings me to the first question you should ask yourself.

What furniture do you have?

When you’re unsure where to begin with containing the clutter, I suggest looking at your current furniture solutions.

Craft room shown with craft room furniture including basket storage and paper storage. Bookcases hold craft supplies, and walls are decorated in coordinating wallpaper and paint.
My craft room with IKEA furniture

This isn’t to say you need to run out and buy new furniture! You might be able to optimize the space you currently have.

Just look for storage solutions that compartmentalize your existing shelves and drawers.

What can you sell, donate, or consolidate?

Next, you need to ask yourself: Do I really need all of these supplies? If you haven’t used a roll of vinyl in ages, maybe it’s time to swap with friends or donate it.

You can also take time to consolidate some supplies before you look for ways to store them. Pull out all of your Cricut pens, mats, tools, and cardstock to determine how much you need to store.

Cricut vinyl rolls shown with Cricut mats and weeding tools.
Cricut vinyl roll assortment

You can even organize rolls of vinyl into groupings like iron-on vinyl, removable vinyl, and permanent vinyl so you can determine what storage containers you might need.

Hey, you might even come up with some fun project ideas when you see that leopard print vinyl that was hidden away in a drawer!

Which supplies do you use most often?

It’s a good idea to think about which Cricut accessories are your most loved and used. You may want to keep these items handy in a desk drawer or shelf near your workspace.

Hanging desk drawer holding Cricut tools.

This under-the-desk drawer is perfect for storing Cricut tools like scissors, scraper tools, and weeding tools.

You also may want to use transparent storage bins to see items that you use frequently. Then items you use less often can be tucked away in a box or cabinet.

Now that you have a game plan, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

Organizing Cricut Machines

Since the cutting machine is the star of the show, it’s important to have it easily accessible.

You may need portability if you like to craft in your kitchen or dining room, as I sometimes do. If you have a dedicated craft room, perhaps you want a more permanent home.

Machine Stands

I have both a Cricut Maker 3 and a Cricut Explore 3, so finding enough space for those machines plus heat presses can be challenging. If you need to create more deskspace, think vertical.

This Cricut machine stand fits two machines on top of one another. If you don’t have two machines, it still helps free up some space beneath your Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore 3, or Cricut Explore Air 2.

Shelf Units

You can also store Cricut machines on shelving units, allowing easy access when you need it.

Angie from The Country Chic Cottage uses open shelving for Cricut machines to store every machine imaginable. What an amazing collection!

Two bookcases filled with various Cricut cutting machines and accessories.
Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Cricut Storage Cart

I use a rolling cart to house all of my paint supplies. It’s the best! You can find carts designed to hold your Cricut machine and accessories as well.

If you’re a true DIY-er, try building a Cricut storage cart like this one from Lemon Thistle. It fits nicely under Colleen’s desk and has a built-in hook for Cricut mats.

DIY Cricut storage cart that holds cutting mats and supplies, stored under desk.
Source: Lemon Thistle

For a pre-built option, this Cricut cart is small enough to save space but big enough to fit your machine and lots of other supplies. The drawer is a nice bonus.

Got a small space or apartment? You can also purchase a minimalist Cricut craft cart that easily squeezes into a nook or closet.

Cricut Carrying Case

If you’re the type of crafter who takes the show on the road, this Cricut carrying case is awesome. It has so many pockets and pouches for all the things!

This would make a great gift for a college student or nomad who wants to craft on the go. It’s also perfect for those teaching Cricut workshops or classes away from home.

Storage for Cricut Tools

I typically store my tools right inside the Cricut machine, but there are so many possibilities for housing them.

Many crafters use pegboards with magnetic strips to attach tools and other accessories. The benefit here is that you can easily rearrange the space with various hooks and holders.

I have lots of examples of pegboard storage in my collection of craft room ideas if you want to see the possibilities. You’d be amazed at how fancy a pegboard can be!

Cricut Blade Storage

Storing Cricut blades becomes challenging when you start to work on a variety of materials using different tips.

Keeping them in the machine compartment works for a time, but I’ve found this blade organizer truly helps to optimize the space.

Cricut Maker 3 with blade organization insert inside.
Cricut Maker 3 with blade organizer

You can also store the blades separately in this desktop blade organizer if you have the space for it.

Cricut Mat Storage Solutions

When you own multiple Cricut mats and want to prolong their use, it’s important to have good hanging storage.

I love using these small command hooks on the side of my IKEA Kallax desk. I’ve placed some on either side of my chair and a few inside the desk as well.

IKEA Kallax unit with Cricut mats hanging from hooks.

My laminated cheat sheet helps me keep track of which materials to use with each type of mat.

More Mat Storage Options

Cricut Vinyl Storage

There are countless ways to store vinyl, from hanging racks and bins to drawers. You may even decide to store different types in different places.

Cube Vinyl Storage

I have some of my vinyl stored in a hyacinth basket that fits perfectly in my cube storage unit. I bought labels that clip onto the handles, so it’s easy to repurpose the baskets as needed.

IKEA Kallax unit with drawer inserts and hyacinth baskets for craft room organization

Fabric storage bins are also a great way to round up vinyl rolls. They can fit on an existing bookcase, like the one shown below from Amber Oliver.

Fabric storage bin labeled "Vinyl".
Source: Amber Oliver

You can even label the bins with permanent vinyl, as Amber did, or make iron-on Cricut labels like Amy from Leap of Faith Crafting did below.

Cricut storage bins labeled with iron-on vinyl.
Source: Leap of Faith Crafting

To store my infusible ink transfer sheets and Smart Vinyl rolls, I use one of my Kallax door inserts. This storage solution works well because the materials come in boxes rather than rolls.

IKEA Kallax cube storage with Cricut vinyl rolls and infusible ink stored in a cubby.

Vinyl Drawer Storage

One of the most popular ways to store rolls of vinyl is also in desk drawers.

The Alex drawer unit at IKEA is super popular. Its drawers are shallow and wide, making them perfect for vinyl storage. You can also add labels to each drawer for different types of vinyl.

IKEA Alex drawer unit on casters.

Vinyl Wall Storage

If you’re handy with woodworking, many craft bloggers have come up with unique plans for vinyl wall storage.

DIY Danielle made transparent vinyl wall storage for her Smart Vinyl and infusible ink sheets. This makes it easy to see her inventory at a glance.

Vinyl wall storage organizing Cricut Smart Vinyl and infusible ink boxes.
Source: DIY Danielle

Kati from Houseful of Handmade created a mega Cricut vinyl rack that holds many different sizes of vinyl rolls. Doesn’t it look so pretty organized by color, too? She has free plans to make your own.

Hanging vinyl wall storage rack filled with rolls of Cricut vinyl.

Over-the-Door Vinyl Storage

Amazon also sells door hangers with slots for vinyl rolls. The door is often overlooked as a storage spot, but it’s the ultimate space saver.

You can then use your shelves and drawers for other purposes!

Desktop Vinyl Storage

When you want a few rolls handy while working on a project, this desktop vinyl storage rack does the trick. You can always add more units as needed too.

Cricut Cardstock Storage

If you love making cards with your Cricut, you may want to organize your cardstock by color, size, or style.

I use a cardboard box to store my precut cards, and it lives on one of my Billy bookcase shelves.

Decorative cardboard box used for Cricut cardstock storage, shown with Cricut tools.

My husband and I also designed cube inserts with dividers that allow me to store 12 x 12 scrapbook paper by color.

IKEA Kallax unit with cardstock paper dividers in two cubes.

You can find similar ones here, or you can use color-coded containers, which are more budget-friendly.

Cricut Pen Storage

If you have a collection of Cricut pens or infusible ink markers, a pen organizer might be up your alley.

There are many to choose from online, but this one has high ratings and is compatible with Cricut pens.

Cricut Workstation Ideas

When you’re in the process of creating, it’s helpful to have a desktop caddy to house commonly used items like pens, glue, weeding tools, and measuring tape.

This craft organizer has plenty of spots for pens and Cricut tools to make it easy to find what you need quickly.

More Craft Room Inspiration

As you can see, there are countless ways to corral your supplies. Just remember, sometimes getting organized is a process that happens in phases.

Start with the basic building blocks to organize the biggest materials first. Then, after living with it for a while, you can modify your storage solutions as needed.

Craft room showing IKEA Billy bookcases and Kallax shelving unit with wallpaper background

I’m still adding and removing items as I go. My next big project is my craft cabinet which looks like a hot mess on the inside!

If you need more ideas for planning your crafting setup, be sure to watch my YouTube videos showing the whole process of designing a craft room from start to finish.

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