30 Essential Craft Room Organization Ideas

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The time has come to finally design my ultimate crafting studio! After many years of crafting in makeshift spaces, I’ve now strategically planned all aspects of my new craft room. Today I’m sharing the best craft room organization ideas I’ve picked up along the way.

Collage of craft room organization ideas including vinyl storage, crafting desks, paper storage, and pegboards

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How to Plan a Craft Room

When you start to collect lots of craft supplies, keeping them organized can become a chore. Before I had a vision for my craft room, I scoured Pinterest and made several trips to IKEA. I also collected 20+ craft room ideas from fellow bloggers to see how they organized their spaces.

Craft room shown with craft room furniture including basket storage and paper storage. Bookcases hold craft supplies, and walls are decorated in coordinating wallpaper and paint.
My finished craft room

All I knew was I had to do something to organize my bins of craft supplies and the clutter in our dining room. Plus, I needed a “home” for my YouTube channel and photography sessions.

My Simple Craft Room Organization Process

  1. Take inventory of what you want to organize by category (paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.).
  2. Decide what combination of furniture you’ll need (desk, shelves, bookcases, etc.) based on your space constraints. What furniture do you already own that can you repurpose by adding space-saving bins or accessories?
  3. Measure your shelves, drawers, and cubbies to decide on any other storage solutions you’ll need like bins, baskets, trays, or containers.
  4. Label any bins, baskets, or containers as needed to keep things organized.

By picking the main craft room furniture first, I was able to find great storage options for my craft supplies. Some items are still on my wish list!

Just remember, you don’t need all of these supplies to create the perfect craft space. This is just a menu of the most highly rated and popular items to get you started.

Best Craft Room Organization Furniture & Shelving

You may already have some form of furniture, carts, or bins to contain your clutter. (You should’ve seen the bins I had to dig through before my craft room makeover.)

Craft room organization furniture options including desks, carts, shelves, and cubbies. Text overlay reads "Best Craft Room Furniture Ideas"

It’s tempting to start collecting rolling carts and plastic bins to create a crafting space. However, having a good desk space and some shelving will relieve a lot of stress.

Here are some of my favorite picks by category to help you on your way.

1. Crafting Desk

There are lots of crafting desks on the market, but don’t overthink it. I decided to create a desk by placing a tabletop over two IKEA Kallax units because I wanted a large flat workspace with extra storage.

I revealed what that desk looks like in my YouTube craft room reveal. Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly desk options for crafters.

2. Bookcases

Bookcases give you lots of flexibility for organizing craft supplies. They also make a craft room look a little more “finished” and give you a place to display your creations.

Many bookcases from IKEA also have options to add cabinet doors, glass doors, and height extensions. However, there are lots of other specialized bookcases for crafters on the market.

3. Cube Units

I highly recommend adding some cube storage to any craft room because there are so many ways to use these, and they look stylish too. Often you can stack them or even flip them on the side.

I prefer the simple 12×12-inch cube units as opposed to ones that have built-in space dividers. This allows you to add any bin, drawer, or basket you like. More on that later.

4. Floating shelves

Whether or not you have a bookcase, floating shelves can add more character and functionality to your craft room organization. They’re also great when you have more wall space than floor space.

I especially like shelving units that have a slight lip to contain crafting supplies like paint or glitter.

5. Rolling cart

Rolling carts are perfect for crafting on the go or having the flexibility to move around your craft room freely.

There are a few main types of carts on the market: 3-tier rolling utility carts, storage carts with drawers, and carts with a combination of shelves and drawers. I’ve included all three examples below so you can shop for what you like.

Storage Solutions for Organizing Craft Supplies

6. Pegboard craft room organization

The beauty of a pegboard is that there’s no limit to how you can customize it! IKEA is especially known for having great options for pegboards (called SKÅDIS) at affordable prices.

With pegboards, you can hang the items that you use most often, like scissors, glue guns, pens, paints, and rolls of vinyl. There are many accessories for pegboards that include hooks or cups.

7. Storage cubes

These are by far some of my favorite options for craft room organization. Why? Because you can optimize the cube to fit almost any crafting need, from paper to yarn.

8. Storage baskets

Storage baskets are similar to cubes, but you can also find baskets to match almost any width for standard shelves or bookcases. I purchased these hyacinth baskets to fit in my IKEA Kallax units, but you can find many variations of storage baskets for narrower shelves.

IKEA Kallax unit with drawer inserts and hyacinth baskets for craft room organization

9. Hanging drawers

When you have a desk that needs a little extra space to stash some goods, try these hanging drawers that attach to the underside of a tabletop.

10. Desk organizer

Having a tidy organizer for paper, paper clips, and scissors helps to keep your tools handy. These feminine desk organizers add a touch of charm too.

11. Lazy Susan tiered tray

One cute way you can customize your frequently used items is a lazy Susan. There are plenty of segmented ones that help you organize writing utensils, glue, and scissors.

12. Hanging rack accessories for rolling carts

If you have one of the rolling carts I highlighted in #5, try adding some of these accessories to the cart. (Note: some carts already come with a few cups or bins like this one, so shop wisely.)

I love that you can add everything from cups to rolls for paper or vinyl.

13. Plastic bins or glass apothecary jars for small craft supplies

Small plastic containers, mason jars, or cookie jars can help corral smaller craft accessories. Do you have push pins, paper clips, or washi tape to organize? Try one of these clever options below.

14. Ribbon holder or washi tape storage

Does anyone share my weakness for cute ribbons and pretty tape? Sometimes my ribbon collection multiplies because I never remember what I already own.

These ribbon dispensers allow you to organize by color or pattern and hold the ribbon while you cut. I also like this set of plastic bins that don’t have a rod, making it easier to grab a roll and go.

15. Paint storage shelves

If you have some shelves or cubbies where you plan to store paints, try using acrylic risers. Spice racks work well for this type of thing.

You could also simply use one of the floating shelf options in #4 above. The wooden caddy below with the metal rack gets rave reviews, and you can hang it on a wall too!

16. Storage for paint brushes

Paintbrushes can be challenging to store when you don’t have a lot of desk space. This little paintbrush holder helps keep brushes separate and in shape for your next paint job.

17. Pegboard accessories for pens, brushes, and office supplies

If you have a pegboard wall, you can add these collections of accessories to make it fully functional. These bins and hooks also serve as fun decor with their mix of colors!

18. Drawer dividers and organizer trays

Any desk drawer needs dividers, in my opinion. Storage trays are perfect for hiding frequently used items like scissors, pens, tape, and other tools.

I picked up this 16-piece drawer organizer set that I love and will soon discuss in my next YouTube video.

Drawer with dividers to organize craft room supplies like washi tape, colored pencils, and paper clips
Drawer dividers for craft supplies

Tip: Line your drawers first with wrapping paper or shelf liners for a fun pop of color.

19. Velcro ties for cables and cords

A small but important way to keep your craft room organized is with velcro ties for cords. If you have a lot of electronics for your crafts, I recommend these cable ties that come in fun rainbow colors.

Special Organization Ideas by Craft

20. Scrapbook paper holder

My hubby made some DIY paper storage cubes for me to stash my scrapbook paper and cardstock collections. This is a key part of my craft room organization.

You can make your own cube with plywood and wood glue or purchase one online. Color-coded paper storage is not only handy but looks beautiful too! Click the images below to shop.

21. Wrapping paper storage

For larger paper items like wrapping paper, you can find a great selection of carts with wheels or over-the-door racks. Some wrapping carts combine spaces for rolled paper and ribbons.

22. Magazine holders

For bookcases and floating shelves, try organizing papers and catalogs with magazine holders. Many come with built-in label holders. These also work great for vinyl scrap storage.

23. Stamping storage bins

There are numerous options for storing stamps and dies in storage cases that you can then organize within a cubby or bin. These stamp storage bags allow you to label and organize stamps by theme or occasion.

Many cardmakers also need storage for ink pads and accessories. Here are some of the most highly-rated ink organizers for your craft room.

24. Flat Vinyl Storage

For flat vinyl storage, the consensus in craft groups is that a drawer system works best. Keep this in mind when choosing your craft room organization furniture.

For vinyl scraps, many crafters use a large binder with plastic sleeves with dividers by color or type of vinyl (e.g., heat-transfer, permanent). Magazine holders also work well.

25. Rolled vinyl storage

I’ve considered getting the Alex drawer cabinet from IKEA to store both my rolled and flat vinyl for Cricut projects. It will also be a handy desk for my new xTool M1 laser cutting machine.

However, I may still opt to get one of the rolled vinyl organizers below. They are super popular among crafters since you can easily see your whole collection. Some also attach to a wall or door for hanging.

Looking for Cricut storage?

Check out these storage ideas specifically designed for Cricut. You’ll find organizing ideas for cutting mats, vinyl, blades, tools, pens and more.

26. Fabric Organizer

In my current craft room setup, I use one of the storage cube options in my Kallax shelves to wrap fabric scraps around cardboard inserts. This pin shows an awesome example of how to do this.

Tip: If your craft room supplies come in cardboard boxes, save the cardboard! You can use it to wrap and store fabric scraps.

Another great alternative is using space-saver hangers to store fabric in a closet.

27. Thread organizer

If you’re an avid sewist, you may want a thread organizer to keep on your desk or mount on the wall. Here are some of the best-rated options for sewing organization.

Craft Room Storage Labels

28. Bin storage labels

If you need to label your baskets or bins, there are countless storage labels you can choose from.

Since I’m using square baskets for my craft room storage, I chose these label holders that come with chalk markers and removable labels. You can see them in the photo under #8.

I might even spray-paint the holders themselves to match my other metallic fixtures.

29. Vinyl labels and decals for furniture and drawers

To customize your craft room organization, you can add vinyl decals and labels. There are so many amazing options when it comes to labeling your craft room or adding fun patterns.

Check out these fun creations from small business owners below! Some make decals for the Ikea Malm Dresser and Alex drawers, which are great craft room furniture choices.

30. Chalkboard labels to swap out seasonally

For glass jars or containers that you might change throughout the year, try using chalkboard labels. This is also a favorite among pantry organizers.

Best Brands to Shop for Craft Room Organization

Planning your craft room organization from start to finish can get a little overwhelming. I find it helpful to think about my major items first and then shop other brands for smaller bins, trays, and shelf organizers.


There are countless IKEA craft room ideas out there. The company is very popular with crafters because it specializes in budget-friendly, modular design.

Most furniture is easy enough for one person to assemble, but we like to make it a family activity!

IKEA Kallax craft room organization furniture at IKEA store
IKEA Kallax furniture line at IKEA store in Houston

You’ll also find plenty of craft storage ideas like baskets and bins at IKEA to finish off your space.


For all types of bins, containers, baskets, and craft storage solutions, I usually turn to Amazon. As a Prime member, I can generally return items if they don’t work out. You can get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to try it out.

If you can’t find certain furniture pieces at IKEA, you might find them on Amazon (though the prices tend to be slightly higher).


Beyond having amazing craft supplies, Michaels has tons of carts and storage systems to organize your hobbies. This modular chest is very similar to the Alex drawers from IKEA and sells for about the same price.

Michaels is also a wonderful place to find accessories for 3-tiered carts.

The Container Store

If you want to splurge a little more on your craft room, try The Container Store. I especially love these stackable craft organizer drawers and these plastic bins from the Home Edit line.

(Can someone please tell Home Edit I wouldn’t mind them paying me a visit?)

Dollar Stores

At the other end of the spectrum are dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General. You can find great deals on drawer dividers, storage boxes, and baskets for craft room organization on a budget.


For the serious paper and stamp crafter, Stamp-n-Storage has perhaps the best modular system for organizing all your goodies.

Any small business looking to organize a workspace should check them out as well.


For decorative labels, decals, and other ways to personalize your space, head over to Etsy. I love supporting other small business owners too!

Free Printable Craft Room Organization List

To help ease the stress of getting your craft space planned, I’m offering a free printable checklist. I hope this will help you keep tabs on your wish list to make shopping a fun (not frustrating!) experience.

To grab your copy, simply fill out the form below. By subscribing, you’ll get on the list to enjoy other free printables and design files as well.

I hope you have fun creating a space where you love crafting. Watch this craft room organization video to see the first stages of my new and improved craft room as well.

If you have an organization hack you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. Amazing article with gorgeous pictures for great motivation! I’m in the process of dismantling my mother’s mountains of craft supplies, projects, tools, patterns, and equipment that unfortunately transformed into a hoarders paradise over 40 years. She currently suffers from Dementia and Type II Diabetes and is a prolific reader, at the neglect of all other creative, handmade, beautiful gifts she used to make. Without her consent, and currently her presence, (away with my father,) but of course with my dad’s approval and gratitude, I’m entrusted to make heads or tails of that which became heaps and piles of clutter over time. This was my motivation for finding and appreciating this article. Unique, inventive and absolutely doable ideas to give my parents living spaces a new face is what I discovered reading your brilliance. Thank you so much! It puts a more positive twist on this daunting, extremely time consuming labor of love, which I certainly didn’t think was possible. Two rooms entirely consumed, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, to the extent the door was barely openable, has infected their home like cancer. Not to mention the closet under the stairs, part of the laundry room and sections of the garage. Her obsessive buying of craft stuff is everywhere in their home. I’m going to utilize your article not only to clean out these areas but to reorganize, rearrange and redecorate the rooms. She may not be able to use them or even recollect them, but they will at least look presentable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. I have a dear friend who is taking care of her mother with dementia, and I understand how difficult that is. My heart goes out to you. I hope this information makes the task of organizing a little less daunting for you. Perhaps starting with some boxes to categorize all of the items first would help. Then you’ll know exactly what size bins or baskets you need for the items you want to keep. Little by little, I’m sure you’ll make progress. Best of luck to you, and thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Reading this post encouraged me me to seriously think about (eventually)turning my spare room into a dedicated craft room. I copied off your suggestions so I can think about them!

    1. Hi Kathy! I’m glad it’s inspiring you! It took some convincing for me to get on board with this room makeover. I’d encourage you to think about how much you use the spare bedroom and whether having a craft room will bring you more joy. For me, the answer was yes! I can now find all my supplies and keep them organized. It’s so refreshing. I just published the craft room reveal if you didn’t see that yet. Best of luck to you! Thanks, Crissy

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! I’ll have to check out your craft room for some good ideas, too. I’ll take all the inspiration I can get. Happy organizing!

    1. Thanks, my friend! Yes, I love that many of these ideas will work in any size craft room, including small ones! Thanks for pinning, as always.