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Easy DIY Bird Feeder Kids Can Make

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One of my favorite pastimes with kids is making crafts we can enjoy in the backyard. This DIY bird feeder is easy for kids to make, and they can use their creativity and art skills in the process.

DIY bird feeder with painted pinecone accents hanging from tree branch

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Easy DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial

Closeup of heart-shaped bird feeder with painted pinecone flowers

This simple project is a great craft for kids, especially when summer boredom strikes! They will enjoy painting the pinecone flowers as well as the process of smothering the “wreath” with peanut butter and bird seed.

Some adult supervision is required when it comes to trimming the pinecones and shaping the grapevine frame. It’s also helpful to have an adult attach the pinecones to the wreath.


Supplies for DIY bird feeder, including pinecones, acrylic paint, grapevine wire and bird seed

Step 1: Prep pinecones for painting

Preparing pinecones for crafting by removing scales

To prepare your pinecone flowers, you’ll need to remove a few of the top layers of scales (the pointy layers of the pinecone). I suggest using pliers or pruners for this purpose to gently twist and remove the scales.

After you’ve removed about 1/2 to 2/3 of the scales, trim off the excess stem using heavy-duty wire cutters, pruners, or clippers.

Pinecone flower after removing scales
Pinecone “flower” after removing scales and trimming stem

You can paint either the bottom or top of the pinecone to create a flower. The pinecone will look like different types of flowers depending on which end you choose.

Step 2: Paint pinecones to look like flowers

To ensure that your pinecone flowers will last outdoors, use acrylic paint that is weather-resistant or listed as “exterior paint.”

Painting the scales of a pinecone to look like flowers

I like to paint the center yellow to look like the pistil and add color around the center. You can let your kids get creative with the color choices.

Painted pinecone flower resembling a zinnia

If you paint the end of the pinecone (the wider bottom), your flowers will resemble zinnias. Painting the narrower top portion will make the pinecones look like daisies.

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Step 3: Shape the grapevine wire and attach pinecones

To mold the grapevine wire into shape, I recommend doubling the wire to create extra thickness and durability. I created a heart shape, but you can experiment with stars, circles, or triangles.

Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, trim the excess wire with wire cutters. Then, twist the exposed ends around the form.

To attach the pinecones, run a piece of jute cord or twine around the scales of the pinecone.

Attaching pinecone flowers to grapevine wire

Then, wrap the string around the wreath form several times, and tie it off securely in the back.

Tying off string to attach pinecone in back of grapevine wreath

As you can see below, painting the different ends of the pinecones resulted in different “looks” for the pinecone flowers.

DIY bird feeder made with grapevine wire and pinecone flowers

Step 4: Add bird seed to the wreath form

Before adding any bird seed, be sure to add some string or wire to hang the feeder.

I added a lark’s head knot using jute twine to suspend my bird feeder wreath.

Adding slip knot to bird feeder for hanging

The next step is simply spreading a generous amount of peanut butter around the wreath form and sprinkling bird seed on top.

You can hang your DIY bird feeder from a strong branch or pole, adding more seed as needed over time.

DIY bird feeder craft hanging from tree with Crissy holding the wreath from the bottom

My family will enjoy watching the birds come to feast on this pretty feeder. In our neck of the woods, I just hope to keep the sneaky squirrels at bay!

Be sure to share your cute bird feeders with me on Instagram!

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Images of painted pinecones and DIY bird feeder hanging from tree. Text overlay reads "DIY Bird Feeder"
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  1. What a fun project, and great for the kids to help on this DIY bird feeder! Really cute idea, Crissy!

  2. Your pine cone flowers that look like zinnias are adorable Crissy! I’ve gotten on a pine cone flower kick lately – they are so much fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration with this bird feeder! Pinned 🥰

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! They are fun to make. I had been saving pinecones since Christmas for holiday crafts but thought they would be cute for summer crafting too. Thanks for stopping by and pinning!