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Easy DIY Fall Wreath in 10 Minutes Flat

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Wreath-making can be intimidating, but this DIY fall wreath doesn’t take much skill or money to pull together. You’ll love how it dresses up your front door. The great news is that it takes only 10 minutes to make!

Fall wreath decorated with a large pumpkin, peonies, greenery, and ribbon. Text overlay reads "DIY Fall Wreath"

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How to Make a DIY Fall Wreath

I love this style of wreath because it’s whimsical, messy, and asymmetrical…just like me!

When you tackle this project, I suggest starting with the ribbon. Then you can bring in statement elements (like my giant pumpkin) before adding the floral pieces.

Supplies for making a DIY wreath for fall, including a grapevine wreath form, ribbon, greenery, a pumpkin, and floral stems and berries

I found this amazing dupioni ribbon that I’ve had in my stash for a full year just waiting for its starring role. With my color scheme settled, I chose an oversized pumpkin, greenery, and peonies to cover the grapevine wreath form.


Note: I picked up the artificial flowers for this craft at Hobby Lobby, but they are not currently available online.

Step 1: Cover the grapevine wreath with greenery

Arranging greenery around grapevine wreath

I used a frosted green birdnest grass bush to cover the grapevine wreath form. You can use wire cutters to trim the branches off of the bush and insert them in a spiral pattern.

I suggest playing with the positioning before attaching the stems with hot glue or pipe cleaners. You might find they stay in place without any adhesive or wire at all.

Step 2: Insert artificial flowers

One spray of cream peonies was enough to add a floral accent to this fall wreath. You’ll want to trim the flowers down leaving about 2-3 inches of the stem to insert into the grapevine wreath.

Cutting flowers off floral bush to insert into fall wreath

You can keep a few leaves with the flowers for added texture. I spaced my flowers out about every 6-8 inches around the entire wreath.

Again, play with the position of the flowers to find a balance that suits you before gluing anything down. Once you add the ribbon and accent pieces, you might want to rearrange things a bit.

Step 3: Insert accent berries

Adding berries as accents for homemade wreath

To add more texture to this DIY wreath, I included a few autumn berry stems that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. You can usually find these at any local craft store.

I used two berry stems in opposite directions on the lower right portion of the wreath leaving some space in between to place the pumpkin.

Step 4: Attach the pumpkin to the wreath

Attaching a pumpkin this large took a bit of trial and error. I love going “big” with a statement piece like this, but this gourd caused some challenges!

First I tried attaching the pumpkin to the wreath with hot glue and a ribbon base, but that failed miserably.

Attaching oversized pumpkin to a grapevine wreath

The best way to attach a large pumpkin to a wreath is by using a heavy-duty staple gun and several pipe cleaners. If you go this route, you’ll definitely want to be generous with the staples to make sure they don’t fall out.

Pumpkin hanging on handmade fall wreath

Before you attach the staples, it’s helpful to hang your wreath and mark the spots where you think the pumpkin will need to be attached. I marked one spot near the top of the pumpkin and one spot near the bottom for two points of contact.

Step 5: Attach the accent ribbons

Closeup view of DIY fall grapevine wreath on front door

To form a relaxed bow, simply loop your two ribbons together 3-4 times using a pipe cleaner to tie them together. Leave two long tails on each end.

Front porch decorated for fall with homemade fall wreath, pumpkins, mums, and a DIY sign

You can secure the tails to the wreath using more pipe cleaners, or you can let them hang naturally. I felt that attaching them to the wreath looked better considering all of the wispy pieces sticking out with the greenery already.

This was a fun and QUICK project to dress up my front porch for fall. When you’re ready to transition into Christmas, check out my DIY winter wreath with real greenery.

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