Free Writing Fonts for Cricut: What You Need to Know

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If you want to take your crafting to the next level, try these free writing fonts for Cricut. Handwriting fonts are perfect for wedding invitations, bridal showers, baby showers, or general card-making projects.

Image with text overlay reading "Free Writing Fonts for Cricut".

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What is a writing font, and how is it different from cutting fonts?

In Cricut Design Space, you have the option to Cut or Draw your images and text. A writing font uses the Draw operation and typically resembles human handwriting. Some projects, like greeting cards, use a combination of cutting and drawing.

Operation menu in Cricut Design Space with the option to Cut or Draw. Text overlay reads "Use the Draw operation with writing fonts".

In this article, we’ll discuss the Draw operation with Cricut pens (or a compatible pen adapter). This feature comes in handy when you want to personalize invitations, greeting cards, or gift tags, making them look handwritten.

You can also use drawing fonts with Cricut infusible ink pens for projects like DIY coasters and mugs.

Cricut machine shown with light grip cutting mat and three writing pens.
Cricut Maker 3 machine with pen loaded

To Draw with your Cricut machine, first add a phrase or image to your canvas in Cricut Design Space. Then in the Operation menu, select Draw>Pen.

You’ll notice you can also foil, score, deboss, and engrave under the Draw menu, depending on your machine compatibility. Don’t feel limited to using pens.

As you’ll see below, true writing fonts have a single-stroke and monoline style–each letter is the same thickness from beginning to end. This makes it easy for a Cricut machine to draw the text as a human would write.

“Normal” fonts that are not single-stroke can still work as writing fonts. However, they will be drawn as an outline of the letters instead (see the pink font below).

Single stroke writing font vs a standard writing font in Cricut Design Space.
Single-stroke font vs. standard font using the Pen operation

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How do you select a writing font in Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space now roughly 20 single-stroke writing fonts for free. They used to only include Cricut Sans, High Tide, Poker Night, and Simple Celebrations, but they’ve recently added more versions to convert chunkier fonts into single-stroke fonts.

You can buy more fonts a la carte or subscribe to Cricut Access to get all fonts included.

To select a free writing font, click on your text, then click the Font drop-down menu. The Cricut fonts will show up first, and you can filter these by selecting Writing and Free in the Filters menu (see below).

Selecting free Cricut writing fonts in Cricut Design Space.
Selecting free writing fonts included in Cricut Design Space

If you’re using a pen, your machine will prompt you to insert it into Clamp A when you click “Make It.”

Note: If you try to select Basic Cut on a single-stroke Cricut writing font, you’ll notice that the software will default to “Print Then Cut.”

15 Free Writing Fonts for Cricut

Collection of free writing fonts for Cricut projects.
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Before you download these free fonts, let’s talk about one tradeoff. You won’t find a “perfect” writing font outside of Cricut Design Space that will draw as a single line. Argh, I know.

Cricut Design Space will read the outline of any external font no matter how skinny it is. See below for an example of how this appears with the non-Cricut font Antically. It looks like it should be a single-stroke font, but you’ll still get a skinny outline.

Cricut writing fonts vs non-Cricut writing fonts in Cricut Design Space.
Cricut font (Simple Celebrations) vs. non-Cricut font (Antically)

How to Minimize Unwanted Outlines

You can resize your text to make the outline less noticeable, and many of these non-Cricut fonts will still look beautiful as outlines. Also, I found using a Cricut marker (1 mm) disguises the outline because it draws a thicker line.

Just remember to weld any script letters together to prevent them from overlapping. Once you weld your letters, you will not be able to change the font, but you can resize the words.

Here’s how the Antically font looks when drawn on cardstock with a glitter gel pen (0.8mm, left) vs. a marker pen (1mm, right):

Gift tags made with free writing fonts for Cricut showing a medium point pen versus a Cricut marker pen.
Medium-point glitter gel pen (left) vs. a marker pen (right)

With that caveat aside, enjoy these 15 free writing fonts that you can download into Cricut Design Space. The links will take you to external sites where you’ll see a Download button.

Be sure to read the license terms for each font to know whether they are for personal or commercial use.

Download Free Cricut Writing Fonts

antically script free font for Cricut.

Antically is one of my favorite free writing fonts for Cricut. If you use a pen (1mm), you won’t even notice the typical outline that you might see with a fine-point pen.

Better Together handwritten font for Cricut.

This font has such a sweet and whimsical style that would work well for general greeting cards or as a farmhouse-style gift tag.

Bellarin font example.

For the ultimate elegant writing font for Cricut, download Bellarin. It’s the perfect wedding font for signage or guest books, and this font is free for commercial use!

Script font for Cricut called Heart.

While this font isn’t strictly a monoline font, I do think it’s the perfect script font for weddings or bridal showers. If you use it for a larger-scale project, you can always fill in the outline with the pen or marker of your choice.

Pumpkin Pie Lattes writing font example.

Pumpkin Pie Lattes is the perfect Rae-Dunn font for Cricut. Since it has such a skinny typeface, you could use marker pens to disguise any outline you might see.

Violette Script free download for Cricut.

Violetta Script walks a fine balance between fancy and casual. You’ll also get some extra glyphs (like longer swashes for certain letters), which is always a nice bonus.

Valentines Day writing font example.

Valentine’s Day font has a sweet and playful vibe that would be perfect for the holiday that bears its name. Plus, this font is free for commercial use!

Modern Cricut writing font called Exquite.

Exquite is a sleek, all-caps writing font for projects needing a modern vibe. This font is free for commercial use!

Daily Book font example for Cricut writing projects.

For something off-the-beaten path, try this Daily Book font. This all-caps font could dress up a greeting card or add a fun accent to journaling projects. It comes in two versions: with and without stripes. Plus, it’s free for commercial use!

Just Mandrawn handwriting font for Cricut.

This font is totally unique because the outlines actually make it look more handwritten. I used this font to create a custom banner for my hot cocoa bar if you want to see how it looks when used as a Cricut writing font.

Kinder Journey writing font for Cricut.

How fun is this Kinder Journey font? This could work well for any kids’ project that needs a playful style. The best part is, this font is also free for commercial use!

Beneath Your Beautiful free font example.

Beneath Your Beautiful has loads of character since it mixes capital letters and lowercase letters. This could be a fun font for pantry labels or notecards made with Cricut.

Summer Sunshine sketch font.

For a cartoon-like writing font, try Summer Sunshine. You won’t be bothered by the outlines with this free writing font since that’s part of its charm.

League Script handwriting font for Cricut.

For a simple handwriting font for Cricut, League Script does the job. It reminds me of the handwriting workbooks we used in school to learn cursive letters. So simple yet pretty.

Example of Cricut writing font called Going to Do Great Things.

Another cartoon-ish font is Going to Do Great Things. It looks very much like human handwriting, giving it a charming feel.

More Free Design Resources

If you’re looking for more free fonts, you can check graphic design sites like Design Bundles or Font Bundles to sign up for programs with lots of freebies and monthly subscription plans.

Get 10 Free Designs!

To download 10 free designs, including fonts and SVG files, sign up below for Creative Fabrica’s All Access Free Trial. Upon the 10th download or after 1 month, the free trial converts into an All Access subscription of $9 per month. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked. I’m doing it myself!

The best part is that these designs include a personal, commercial, and print-on-demand license. That’s almost unheard of for digital download sites.

How to Use Your New Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Using your new fonts is simple, but you do need to make sure they are installed properly for the Cricut software to recognize the files.

Install the Files

First, you’ll need to install the fonts on your computer, so make a note of where you saved the downloaded files. You may need to “unzip” the files before you can install them.

You might encounter both TTF and OTF file types for some fonts. OTF is more current and offers additional features like ligatures and other glyphs in some cases, but either will typically work.

Launch Cricut Design Space

If you have Cricut Design Space open and don’t see your new fonts, try closing the program and relaunching it. In some cases, you may need to restart your computer.

Your new fonts should now be visible in the System tab within your Font menu, as shown below.

Choosing a system font in Cricut Design Space.
The “System” tab shows fonts stored on your computer

Another Alternative for Free Writing Fonts

If you’re really set on finding a free single-stroke writing font, check out this tool. It generates an SVG file for any text you write. This is the only way I’ve found to import single-stroke fonts. It also works for Silhouette, Glowforge, and laser cutting machines.

Font generator to create free writing fonts for Cricut.
Free font SVG generator

You can then upload the SVG file in Cricut Design Space and resize it. However, you can’t edit the text within Cricut Design Space without creating a new SVG file.

Creative Ways to Use Writing Fonts for Cricut

Handwriting fonts are great for the personalization of gifts, like creating monograms on tumblers or a handmade ornament. Here are some ideas to get you started, but you may want to check out these handmade Cricut gift ideas too!

  • Personalized t-shirts
  • Infusible ink coffee mugs
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift tags
  • Pantry organization labels
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