Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

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I broke a cardinal rule in our home. I bought some things for myself right before Mother’s Day! My husband hates it when I do this, but these Mother’s Day gift ideas are so good that I just couldn’t resist the splurge.

Collage of Mother's Day gift ideas including gardening gifts, body wrap heating pad, watch band, notebooks, apparel and accessories

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Which Gifts Make the Cut

I’ve thought long and hard about which products would make the cut for my annual Mother’s Day gift guide. Not only are these items budget-friendly (under $50), but they also have excellent ratings.

Some of these products are ones I’ve tried and enjoyed. Others are items I literally added to my wish list.

Read on for the full explanation of why each item made the list. Maybe you’ll even pick up a few ideas for yourself along the way.

The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

The Weekly Notepad

Ever since I started breaking down my to-do list by day, I’ve felt liberated. I’m better at setting realistic goals for each day. Plus, there’s a sense of accomplishment in crossing things off the list. This weekly notepad will set any busy mom up for success.

If you need more pretty paper options, I’m also loving this task notepad and this meal-planning notepad.

The Home Edit Life

C’mon, what mom doesn’t have dreams of having her home decluttered by the Home Edit team? The Home Edit Life claims to be the “The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything.” Yes, please.

Bedtime Body Wrap

My sister-in-law purchased this warming body wrap for me in a different scent. Let me tell you, it’s absolutely one of my favorite gifts! I’m using it as I type this.

This heating pad is big enough to cover the whole upper back, and the fragrance is incredibly relaxing. Highly recommend!

Garden Tool Set

This gardening tool set has such a fun color scheme and comes with an adorable matching tote bag. As someone who enjoys gardening, I would welcome a new set of tools like this to replace my old ones.

Bucket Hat

To coordinate with my new gardening tools, could I please have a bucket hat like this one? For anyone who enjoys outdoor activities like gardening or just sitting by the pool, this hat would come in handy.

Floral Umbrella

Is it just me, or does every umbrella in the house have either a broken leg or some random company logo on it?

Rifle Paper Co has the best collection of floral umbrellas, including this umbrella with a sleek duck handle. What mom wouldn’t love to look stylish in the rain? If I’m going to have a bad hair day, I might as well have cute accessories.

Apple Watch Band

Creating a smart watch with interchangeable bands was a genius idea. For the Apple Watch-wearing mom, this wildflowers watch band does not disappoint. It even has shimmery gold accents for a subtle bling factor.

Smart Reusable Notebook

This reusable notebook is perfect for the eco-friendly mom who takes notes the old-fashioned way but wants technology to keep her organized. Pair it with Frixion pens for a winning combo.

You write notes on the dotted grid paper, upload them to the cloud, erase, and repeat. The Rocketbook notebook comes in executive or letter sizes in a variety of colors.

Canvas Bib Apron

No, this bib apron is not for cooking…it’s for serious crafting. For any mom who enjoys doing the occasional DIY project or handiwork, Duluth Trading has a great selection of aprons for makers.

Insulated Water Bottle

Rounding out the list is the best water bottle I’ve encountered thus far. After running out of water during a tennis match, I upgraded to this 64-ounce insulated water bottle. It comes with all kinds of straw/lid attachments and looks beautiful too.

I’ve already received many compliments on the bottle, and I’m now consuming the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

Other Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re still stumped on finding the perfect gift for Mom, check out my DIY Gift Ideas or the gift guides below for more inspiration.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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  1. This is a great list, Crissy! That Apple watch band needs to be on my watch! It’s adorable! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! 🌸