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The Best Patriotic Font Collection to Download for Free

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If you’re itching to make some printable art, t-shirt designs, or other graphic design projects, you’ll love this patriotic font collection! Get ready to celebrate Independence Day in style.

Free patriotic font collection

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Free Patriotic Font Options

You know how much I love using fun and creative fonts to make all types of free printables! Well, with the 4th of July coming soon, I thought I’d load up on fabulous free fonts for some patriotic projects.

Below, you’ll find everything from Americana style icons to fonts with flag motifs.

Just slap some red, white, and blue colors on these, and you can make everything from vinyl t-shirts to printable art.

Check out my Love t-shirt design for an example using a Cricut or Cameo machine.

Note: By clicking the buttons below each font, you will be redirected to download the font to your computer. Happy font surfing!


Instead of purchasing fireworks graphics, you can grab this amazing patriotic font! It replaces icons for letters (similar to the wingdings we all know). Below I’m showing just a fraction of the “clipart” options included.

Fireworks font for patriotic projects

American Signs

Here’s a font that would make the perfect t-shirt design, especially for kids! The center of the letters will show the background color, so it’s perfect for a white shirt or mug.

4th of July writting in American signs patriotic font

Whizz Bang

How fun are these letters?! I love the how they resemble sparklers. It would be the perfect font to advertise an Independence Day celebration.

Fireworks font called whizz bang

Starz 2

This collection of star graphics has everything from a classic, solid star to more rustic, Americana-style star. Use it in combination with other patriotic fonts to create the perfect design for 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or President’s Day.

Stars icons as part of Starz 2 graphics patriotic font

Stars and Stripes

This is my favorite flag-inspired font! Capital letters display as solid letters with stars inside, while lower-case letters show as striped characters. You can mix and match to your heart’s desire!

USA text writting in patriotic font resembling an American flag

God Bless America

We had to have some script fonts in the mix! This cursive font would look great on its own or when paired with a simple sans-serif font like the Americana font below.

United States text written in script patriotic font called God Bless America


Is it just me, or does this remind you of the Liberty Bell? Something about this CF American font makes me think of our forefathers and the constitution. It’s a class Americana choice.

Liberty text written in rustic patriotic font called CF-America


I couldn’t resist this pretty script font that has some of the letters filled in (like the “d” below). Apparently, that “hole” part of a letter is called the “counter.” (Learned something new today.)

Freedom written in patriotic script font called America

Janda Sparkle and Shine

Here’s another great font for kid-related projects! This Sparkle and Shine font has the same charm as the Peanuts cartoon. It’s just, plain fun.

The word Celebrate written in sparkler inspired font called Janda Sparkle and Shine

Hello Fireworks

You could do so many darling projects with this starry font, and not just for patriotic projects! You can use this font to make a stencil with your child’s name or to print labels or gift tags. Oh, the possibilities!

Sparklers word written in Hello Fireworks font made up of tiny stars

US Flag

When you simply need an image of a flag or the outline of the United States, this is your font. Below I typed the lower-case letters “abcde” to create the images.

US flat icons as part of the US Flag patriotic font collection


This is the type of font that stands alone to make a t-shirt design. You can also use it to personalize items for the kids. It has a Chuck Taylor All Star vibe, IMHO.

"Born Free" text written in font called Independence with star cutouts in letters


If I had to pick one favorite patriotic font (but please don’t make me!), this might be it. Bodie MF Flag has all the fun of a Pixar movie packed into an Independence Day theme.

The word Justice written in American flag-inspired font called Bodie

American Donuts

I suppose if someone were to create an official “American donut”, it would look something like this font. I love how curvy and plump these letters look, and I’m scheming up a project to put this font to good use.

"Parade" text written in font called American Donuts

United States

Does this font remind you of anything in particular? If you pay me a dollar, I’ll tell you (wink). If you want to have some fun, try looking for George Washington in some of the other wingding fonts I’ve shared, and pair it with this United States font.

"United States" written in font called United States that looks like the text on US currency

Fireworks Kid

For a more cartoonish version of a font with star cutouts, try this Fireworks Kid collection. I could see a lot of possibilities using this for a children’s craft project like a t-shirt or hat.

Patriotic font called Fireworks Kid that has stars as dots and letter cutouts

Star Spangled

Here’s another flag-related font that feels a little Old Navy in style. You can make some cute signs to decorate your home for the 4th of July with this Star Spangled font.

"Old Glory" text written in flag-inspired font called LMS Star Spangled

Americana Font

While this sans-serif font doesn’t scream “patriotic,” I think it would be great when paired with the American Signs font above. Can you picture the two together on a t-shirt or mug?

Americana font in the words "Barbecue"

Walter Goes to America

Here’s a fun, quirky font that would be great for making a kid’s t-shirt using a Cricut or Cameo machine!

"Apple pie" text in the font called Walter Goes to America

The American

This is another one of my favorite flag-inspired fonts. I think it’s simple and classy, yet fun! It’s another great design for a Cricut or Cameo heat-transfer-vinyl project.

"America" text written in flag-inspired font called The American


I actually used this patriotic font to create my own designs for 4th of July family t-shirts. (I plan to share a tutorial very soon.) You simply type the letter that corresponds to the desired graphic and resize it to your liking.

Americana patriotic graphics from the Americanic font collection

More Free Fonts to Enjoy!

Notes About Downloading

Before you launch into making new projects, please remember I’m sharing these FREE fonts for you to enjoy for personal use projects.

The artists who created these assets may have options to buy a commercial license, which you would need to sell your work on Etsy or anywhere else.

Also, you can get each patriotic font for free at the time of this publication. Sometimes things change, though, without me knowing. (Gotta love it!) All the more reason to hop to it!

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  1. You always come up with the best free fonts for holidays, Crissy! I especially love the script ones… and that first fireworks one is so fun! Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! They sure are fun, aren’t they? I had intended to whip up some t-shirts with these fun fonts, but that will have to wait for another time. Thanks for stopping by and pinning too!