25 Stunning Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

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Get your home ready for the holidays with these stunning Christmas mantel decor ideas! There are 25 mantels to inspire you in just about every style of decor, from farmhouse to modern.

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Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas: Where to Begin

When deciding on a theme for your Christmas mantel decor, it’s helpful to start with a color scheme and style.

  • Do you like farmhouse/rustic, or are you into glam or even boho?
  • Will you go “big” with lots of volume or simple and minimalistic?
  • What will your anchor piece be above the mantel–a wreath, farmhouse sign, window frame, tobacco basket, or mirror? (Those are only a few examples!)

In the Christmas mantels below, you’ll find a mix of all of the above. Some decorators use traditional garlands, wood beads, or nothing at all. Others use satin ribbons, burlap, or velvet. You’ll find some Christmas mantels bursting with color while others use a neutral color palette.

Find a style that speaks to you and complements your Christmas tree decor for a complete holiday look.

Christmas Mantel Ideas

Get inspired to decorate your mantel for Christmas with these stunning decorating ideas. From traditional to modern, there are ideas for just about every decor style.

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    1. Thanks, Cindy! It’s hard to get the process started, isn’t it? If it weren’t for blogging, I’d probably drag my feet. I love sitting back and enjoying it once I’m done, though. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the decorating!

  1. Every one of these mantels is beautiful. I love them all and each one so unique. Great job, to you and your friends! I sure wish I had a mantel to decorate here in South Florida!!

    1. Thank you so much, CiCi! I loved seeing all the pretty mantels myself, so it’s a fun excuse for me to do these posts. I’m sure your South Florida decor is just as beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh, wow! So many pretty ideas, Crissy. I have a hard time choosing a favorite. Thank you for putting together this gorgeous round-up.