Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Orange Pomanders

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There’s a simple pleasure to be found in making a DIY Christmas centerpiece that you can customize to match your decor style. Today, I’m joining nine other bloggers to share many variations of table decor you can create this holiday season. We’re guiding you with step-by-step instructions to help you on your way.

Dough bowl Christmas centerpiece filled with evergreen stems, berries, and orange pomander balls sitting on dining room table.

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Welcome to a Christmas Centerpiece Tour

I’m thrilled to share these Christmas centerpiece ideas as a collaboration with a talented group of fellow bloggers. It’s a great joy to host this two-day “blog hop” with a few friends who each have a signature style.

Watercolor wreath graphic with berries and holly. Text reads "Christmas Centerpiece Tour 2023 hosted by First Day of Home, My Wee Abode, StoneGable, and Worthing Court".

On this tour, you’ll find a mix of formats, including glass vases, dough bowls, tureens, pedestals, and baskets. You can take elements that strike your fancy and adapt them to your home.

If you’re joining from Craftberry Bush, thanks for stopping by. I’ve long admired Lucy’s creativity and sophisticated sense of style. (Her watercolor talent is something to behold as well!)

Be sure to check out all the Christmas table centerpieces at the end of this post. You’ll walk away with plenty of Christmas inspiration, I’m sure.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece

When I first made orange pomanders on the blog, I knew I wanted to find more ways to decorate with them. Our dining table is the perfect spot to put them on display because it’s the first room in our house. The scent of citrus and cloves is a feast for the senses as visitors walk in.

Watch This Tutorial (< 1 Min)

Rather than reinvent the wheel with a new container, I wanted to redecorate the giant dough bowl that appeared in my fall table decor. It’s ginormous, but it has a low enough profile that guests don’t have to peer around it.

Orange pomander balls in DIY Christmas centerpiece with greenery and berries.

I’ll link to similar rectangular bowls down below. Of course, you can recreate this candles centerpiece with any container your heart desires. You can also opt to place a garland on your table using the same supplies.


Supplies for making a DIY Christmas centerpiece, including oranges, cloves, skewers, greenery, berries, and pillar candles.

Shop for supplies

Step 1: Divide stems into smaller branches

When working around a focal point like candles, I usually cut my branches into smaller pieces. This helps to fill in smaller gaps and make the greenery appear fuller.

Trimming greenery to place in Christmas centerpiece.

You can use either real evergreen branches or faux stems. The benefit of fake stems is the ability to repurpose them from year to year, but the downside is finding storage.

Separating berry stems into individual branches to use for DIY table centerpiece.

The berry pick that I chose is a reddish-orange color that complements the oranges. It was a fall clearance item, so don’t limit yourself to the Christmas floral section. I liked the color of these red berries much better than the ones in the Christmas department for this particular centerpiece.

Step 2: Begin placing floral picks in the container

Starting at one end of the container or vase, tuck the floral stems around the pillar candles. I’ve used three white candles that measure about 4 x 8 inches to fill up the space and contrast with the greenery.

Don’t forget to add a battery to your candle before beginning the centerpiece.

Spread the branches and pinecones in different directions for a more realistic look if using wired branches.

Placing branches around pillar candles in a dough bowl to create a DIY Christmas centerpiece.

I tried to place dry floral foam in the dough bowl for stability, but it was a disaster. The foam was messy and difficult to disguise in a wide container like mine. It could work if you skip the pillar candles, though.

Step 3: Add berry accents to the greenery

I ended up cutting my berry picks in half again so I’d have six pieces instead of three. Generally, I like using odd numbers for accents, but I had to juggle the fact I could only find one spray of berries.

Placing berry stem into dough bowl with greenery to make a Christmas centerpiece.

Step 4: Add orange pomander balls

I won’t cover all the steps to make pomander balls in this post, but you can refer to my original orange pomander tutorial if you need help. It’s a simple process of creating designs in an orange and adding cloves that act as a natural preservative.

Place your pomander balls around the arrangement, covering any gaps in the greenery. I suggest inserting the sharp point of a wooden skewer into the “uglier” end of your orange. Then you can let the orange rest on the greenery or edge of your container. Use extra greenery to hide the skewer.

Placing wooden skewer into orange pomander ball.

I love the way the pomanders look like Christmas ornaments in the arrangement. If you don’t want to make orange pomanders, you can also buy faux pomanders and place them on a pick or skewer.

I love making my own because the smell is so inviting. It’s like having a simmer pot in your home 24/7!

Displaying Your DIY Centerpieces

After placing your arrangement in the center of the table, you’ll likely have to rearrange a few stems here and there. I walk around my holiday table to look at it from different angles and make adjustments. It always seems I have some ornery branches trying to dip into my guests’ drinks.

I typically place a table runner under my dough bowl since it blends in with our rustic dining room table. I’ve added my plaid DIY fabric charger plates to the tablescape to add more contrast too.

Dining room with DIY Christmas centerpiece featuring evergreen stems, berries, candles, and orange pomanders. Place settings show plaid fabric charger plates and china plates.

There’s nothing better than the smell of citrus and cloves at Christmas time. You can pair your citrus centerpiece with dried orange slices at your place settings. I’m planning to add a few orange slices to my mini Christmas tree in the background.

Christmas dough bowl filled with faux greenery, berry picks, pillar candles, and orange pomanders.

I’m also hoping to create a few wreaths that feature faux slit oranges to hang on my dining room cabinets. There’s no limit to incorporating citrus in your Christmas decorations.

If you want to add a glam factor to your tabletop, come back to visit my DIY holiday centerpiece with mercury glass candle holders.

Be sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you try making your own DIY Christmas centerpiece (@firstdayofhome). I’d love to see how you express your creativity.

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Dining room table with dough bowl centerpiece containing greenery and orange pomander balls. Text overlay reads "Christmas Centerpiece Ideas".

More DIY Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Continue your tour by visiting the other holiday centerpieces below. Next up is my dear friend Julie from My Wee Abode. Julie is so special to me, and she always has beautiful table decorations that look great in spaces large and small.

Please accept my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I can’t believe we both had dough bowls on our minds this Christmas. Yours was so lovely too, and you gave me some wonderful ideas of ways to rearrange mine for future holidays. Happy to be hosting with you!

  1. Your Christmas dough bowl centerpiece is so inviting and so lovely, Crissy! I can just smell the spices and citrus as I sit here! The plaid chargers are a perfect touch to the coziness! Pinned!

    1. Thanks, dear friend! I wish you really could come smell the citrus in person! We’ll have to make that happen someday. It was fun hosting this hop with you, BB!

  2. Crissy first I have to say that your photography is absolutely beautiful. So bright and crisp. And second, I love this traditional centerpiece you have created for Christmas. Pinned!

  3. I love your pretty centerpiece. Using a dough bowl is perfect, just the right size. Great tutorial on how to assemble and I adore the spiced oranges. I definitely want to copy those. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Marty. I’m glad you liked the oranges. I highly recommend them for a little extra fragrance around the house. Thank you for joining us on this blog hop. It was a fun one!

  4. Oh my gosh, Crissy. I LOVE it! The orange pomanders are so bright and cheery for the holidays. And I love how you styled them with the greenery in your dough bowl. The perfect holiday centerpiece!

    1. Thank you, Jen! I’m loving your citrus arrangements too! It really does liven up the place for the holidays. Thanks for joining us for this blog tour!

  5. Crissy, your centerpiece with pomanders is just beautiful! Pomanders really do make the whole house smell like Christmas. Excellent tutorial and by the way when you’re not blogging you should be to a hand model! 😊 Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! You crack me up. I’ve never been given a compliment about my hands! I’m thrilled you could join us for this blog hop. You always share beautiful ideas.