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Easy DIY Mercury Glass Christmas Centerpiece

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Want to make an easy DIY mercury glass centerpiece for Christmas but don’t know where to start? I’ll show you how to use silver, gold, and champagne accents to add some bling to your Christmas style. This easy table centerpiece takes only minutes to pull together.

Mercury glass DIY holiday centerpiece on dining room table with table runner underneath.

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How to create a DIY mercury glass centerpiece

Before I started my centerpiece, I had to choose a base structure. Given the length of my rectangular dining table, I needed a long “spine” that wouldn’t get lost in the room.

Dining room mercury glass votive candleholder table centerpiece sitting on dining room table.

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I decided to pair two votive candelabras together for a more modern Christmas centerpiece. I knew I could group them to take up 1/3 of the dining room table length. This candelabra is similar to the one I bought.

I also found a great deal on these mercury glass votive candle holders, which come with tea lights included. You can also learn how to make DIY mercury glass if you’re looking to upgrade an existing piece of glassware.

Mercury glass is the perfect accent for a variety of occasions, not just for Christmas. I used these candle holders to create a beautiful bridal shower tablescape for my niece, as an example.

Hand placing a mercury glass votive candle on candelabra for holiday table centerpiece.

Instead of using real candles, I opted for the flameless kind. (Kid proof!) No one notices the fact that these are inexpensive LED votive candles since the focus at eye level is the mercury glass candleholders.

DIY Centerpiece Floral Accents & Greenery

In my post How to Make a Homemade Christmas Wreath, I talked about tips and techniques to achieve a style that looks like a designer knock-off.

For my DIY holiday centerpiece, I knew I wanted similar greenery to coordinate with the wreaths on my cabinets. This came down to choosing the right greenery, metallic accents, and ornaments.

Mercury glass holiday centerpiece with evergreen branches, metallic ornaments and mercury glass votive candleholders on dining room table.


I first combined a mix of frosted and regular faux pine greenery, some of which came with pine cones already attached. Bonus! These evergreen stems are similar to the ones I used.

Placing metallic floral accents in DIY holiday centerpiece with mixed evergreens and mercury glass candleholders.

I started in the center and placed the stems radiating outward until I worked my way to the ends. You can choose to attach the stems with floral wire or simply insert them into the candelabra. 

Metallic accents

To contrast with the greenery, I added ivory berry picks and gilded floral stems that came in bunches. I cut these into individual pieces that I could then tuck into the greenery.

Warning: You may end up with glitter on your face! Go ahead and let them see you sparkle.

Hands holding faux berries and metallic stems for homemade holiday centerpiece.

You’ll find a variety of great options for metallic and sparkly accents near the end of this post.


DIY Christmas Centerpiece with Pomanders

Decorate a dough bowl with a mix of faux greenery, berries, pillar candles, and orange pomander balls.


What holiday centerpiece is complete without a few ornaments? I used floral wire to fasten my ornaments onto the centerpiece after inserting all the other pieces.

These metallic ornaments had gorgeous snowflakes and wintery motifs imprinted on them. If you buy a set, you can use any leftover ornaments for wreaths or Christmas tree decor.

Hand holding metallic ornament to be used in DIY holiday centerpiece.

You’ll notice I also threw in a few metallic leaves here and there.

DIY holiday table centerpiece with mixed greenery, mercury glass candleholders, metallic ornaments, and faux floral accents.

You don’t have to just stick with the stems I used. (No pun intended!) You can make elegant Christmas centerpieces using a variety of accents like the following:

  • Frosted or plain stems or twigs
  • Mini birch branches
  • Beads or a small garland
  • Pomegranates or dried orange slices

Shop the Look

Transitioning a Mercury Glass Centerpiece to a New Look

If you decide you want to change things up a bit from year to year, try adding a new ribbon to your centerpiece. You can see how this centerpiece got a makeover in my Christmas home decor tour with red and green plaid.

Christmas dining room table centerpiece with tartan plaid ribbon and green velvet ribbon.

Decor & Accents Beyond the Holiday Table

I love a traditional red and gold color scheme for Christmas, as you can see in my Christmas Home Tour. But I also like to experiment with more modern (dare I say glam?) holiday decor, like this trio of Christmas trees.

Trio of Christmas tree cones on sideboard with tiered tray and mercury glass ornaments on other side.

You’ve probably seen three-tiered trays all over the place this season. There are so many possibilities to decorate these or use them to serve sweets after Christmas dinner. You can get the same tray here.

Tiered tray decorated with Christmas greenery and metallic ornaments.

I hope this post gave you some easy Christmas centerpiece ideas!

Before you go, be sure to visit my sister post How to Make a Homemade Christmas Wreath. For a completely different color scheme, see my Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas.

Christmas wreath and mantel by Christmas tree, decorated with red and gold.

I’d love to know how you plan to use your mercury glass centerpiece, so drop me a line below! Merry Christmas!

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Collage of mercury glass DIY table centerpiece showing the steps to make the centerpiece and the finished centerpiece sitting on a dining table. Text overlay reads "DIY Holiday Centerpiece".
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