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Quick & Easy DIY Mercury Glass

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Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY mercury glass tutorial as the first of a series of posts on upgrading glass vases. Do you want to know the best part about this project? The main ingredient will only set you back $1!

DIY mercury glass vase with flowers.

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Why Make Your Own DIY Mercury Glass?

If you’ve ever hosted a special event, like a bridal shower or holiday party, you know it’s the little touches that add elegance and sophistication to your decor.

In the past, I’ve used small mercury glass votives scattered around the table or in centerpieces, and they work perfectly.

Dining room mercury glass votive candleholder table centerpiece sitting on dining room table.
Tutorial: Holiday Centerpiece with Mercury Glass

However, I didn’t own anything taller for larger flower arrangements…

Enter the DIY mercury glass technique!

I’m now officially in love with this faux mercury glass technique because I can transform practically any glass object into a more glam version of itself.

Faux mercury glass vase with Easter tree decor.

How to Make DIY Mercury Glass

I recently collaborated with a group of YouTubers to share budget decor for Easter, and I demonstrated the faux mercury glass technique there. You can watch my Easter craft video to see this tutorial in action.



You can find affordable glass vases and jars at Dollar Tree or other discount stores as well as thrift store markets.

Dollar Tree vase upcycled with faux mercury glass technique.

Step 1: Clean and tape off the vase

Before you begin, be sure to clean the glass object with soap and water, and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

For best results, you’ll want to spray the inside of your glass jar or vase. If you decide to make a DIY mercury glass mirror, you would paint the side that will not face outward.

In my video, you’ll see I used a plastic bag and painter’s tape to seal off the outside of my vase.

Step 2: Prepare water and vinegar solution

Fill the spray bottle with 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. Shake gently to mix the solution.

Step 3: Spray the inside of the vase with Mirror Effect spray paint

Spray a light coat of the Mirror Effect paint on the inside of your glass vessel.

Don’t get carried away with spraying too much initially, since this will cause messy drips to run down.

Step 4: Spritz inside of the vase with water-vinegar solution

Before the Mirror Effect paint dries, spray the surface with the water-vinegar mixture. You’ll want a fine mist to get a nice speckled look.

Again, too much moisture will cause the paint to drip, and you want a dappled look.


If you see paint dripping down inside, try slowly rotating the vase on its side a few times.

Mercury glass vase made with items from Dollar Tree and Mirror Effect spray paint.

Step 5: Dab with a paper towel

If possible, dab the paint with a scrunched-up paper towel. Truthfully, I found it difficult to do this with my tall, skinny vase. (I ended up removing more paint than desired.)

If you decide to skip this step, I can assure you that your vase will still turn out beautifully.

After patting (or not patting) the vase, let the paint dry 5-10 minutes before continuing with another coat.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5

For full coverage, you’ll definitely want to apply at least five coats of paint, spritzing with water and vinegar each time.

As you’ll see in my video tutorial, I did end up painting the outside of the vase as well. (I get impatient sometimes!)

This will result in a more matte finish, as opposed to a shiny one. However, I liked the coverage I achieved by painting both sides.

The Final Look

I created my DIY mercury glass vase for an Easter vignette, and I’m so pleased with how it adds just a touch of sparkle. Every scene could use some sparkle, right?

DIY Mercury glass vase with Easter tree and spring decor on buffet table.

In a related post, I’ll share the tutorial on making your own DIY decoupage Easter eggs and the mason jar bunny you see above.

DIY faux mercury glass technique.

I think this faux mercury glass technique is amazing, and I can’t wait to use it on all kinds of random things. Someone should warn my husband!

I hope you enjoy giving it a try! Drop me a line or tag me on Instagram @firstdayofhome if you make your own masterpiece!

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DIY mercury glass with floral arrangement.
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  1. Crissy I am another one that loves mercury glass. Your vase turned out so lovely. You will be using this for a lot of events and seasons. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Terrie! I’m excited to have some spray on hand now for making mercury glass at a moment’s notice. Ha! I hope you have fun with it, too, if you haven’t tried it yet.