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Easy Paper Pumpkins You Can Make in Minutes (Free SVG)

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I can’t resist a good paper craft when it comes to holiday party decor. These paper pumpkins add a festive touch to any party table, and they take only minutes to make. Best of all, I’m offering a free download, so you can make this easy pumpkin craft at home.

Paper pumpkin with leaf cutouts shown with other paper pumpkins

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How to Make Paper Pumpkins

For this tutorial, I’m offering free paper pumpkin designs that you can download, print, and cut at home. For Cricut and xTool crafters, I’m also sharing a free SVG file. Yep, you heard that right. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Think of all the fun your kids will have while assembling these sweet little gourds. They are perfect as a fall decor accent for a casual Thanksgiving dinner or school party. You could add a few to your desk or make a 3D pumpkin banner if you’re feeling adventurous!

You’ll only need a handful of supplies for this project, and you can use any glue or adhesive you like to create these 3D pumpkins.


Supplies to make paper pumpkins, including scrapbook paper, Cricut Maker 3 machine, and glue tape roller

Step 1: Cut the pumpkin patterns

At the end of this post, you can download my free pumpkin template in both PDF and SVG format. Then follow the steps below depending on whether you are using scissors or a cutting machine.

Printable version

If you choose the printable pumpkin templates, use the highest-quality print setting for the best results. One option is to use the colors in the PDF file for a simple orange paper pumpkin with green leaves. The other option is to cut the pumpkins out with scissors and use them as patterns to trace onto decorative paper. (Note: I simplified the paper leaves in the PDF version for easier cutting with scissors.)

Kids can have fun cutting the shapes out themselves, so this is a 100% kid-friendly craft project. I suggest using a simple school glue like Elmer’s once you get to the assembly step.

Cricut or xTool version

For Cricut users, once you have uploaded the file into Cricut Design Space, create 6 pumpkin shapes for each design you want to cut. (For xTool users, you would format your design in Creative Space for blade cutting instead of laser cutting.)

When making layered designs, you’ll need to cut 6 shapes of the background paper and 6 shapes of the decorative top layer.

Don’t feel obligated to do a layered pumpkin design. The SVG file includes a single-layered pumpkin as well.

If you feel inspired to get fancy, though, you’ll have all the steps outlined below with this polka-dot pumpkin example. Below is an example of what your pumpkins would look like in Cricut Design Space.

Cutting paper pumpkins in Cricut Design Space
Cutting the background pumpkin in Cricut Design Space

I like to use a light-grip cutting mat when working with thin scrapbook paper, but you can use the standard grip mat for thicker cardstock. To begin, cut out the top layer of the polka-dot pumpkin. Your settings may differ depending on whether you use light cardstock, medium cardstock, or glitter cardstock.

Loading scrapbook paper into Cricut Maker machine
Inserting top layer of cardstock

To add more sparkle, I used a metallic copper cardstock for the bottom layer of this pumpkin and sent it through my machine next.

Feeding copper metallic cardstock into Cricut Maker 3 machine
Inserting bottom layer of cardstock

After cutting out all 12 pumpkins, you can remove any of the excess paper scraps and set them aside. These little pieces look great to use as confetti or table scatter, so don’t throw them out!

Removing paper pumpkins from cutting mat
Removing pumpkins from cutting mat

Cricut Tip

When removing paper from a cutting mat, always pull the mat away from the paper to prevent warping. It helps to turn the mat over and gently pull it up.

Continue cutting the stems and leaves by loading each color of paper into your machine when prompted. You can resize any of the shapes to meet your needs. Don’t you love having flexibility?

Step 2: Assemble the paper pumpkins

Now onto the fun part! If you used a Cricut to cut the pumpkins, this is when you can get the kids involved again.

Steps for assembling paper pumpkins with a polka-dot design
  1. Begin by gluing the top and bottom layers together to form 6 layered pumpkins. You can use a glue tape roller, craft glue, or hot glue (with adult supervision).
  2. Fold each pumpkin shape in half.
  3. Add glue to one half of the folded pumpkin shape.
  4. Glue each folded pumpkin together, lining up all edges.

Repeat the process until you have a 3D pumpkin shape. Be sure to leave room at the top to add the stem and leaves.

If you’re interested in more paper pumpkin crafts, check out my decoupage pumpkin tutorial.

Step 3: Add stem and leaves

To finish your pumpkins, insert a stem in the middle and attach as many leaves as you would like. I’ve included two leaf patterns (one solid and one with veins) for more variety.

Finished paper pumpkins with stems and leaves

Decorating with Paper Pumpkins

These paper pumpkins look so sweet when using different patterns that coordinate. I highly recommend getting a scrapbook paper booklet to help mix and match colors that already coordinate. While I love traditional orange pumpkins, part of the fun is pushing the limits on your autumn color palette.

If you’re feeling a little “extra” you can also add ribbon, twine, cinnamon sticks, or any other fall embellishment.

Paper pumpkins in coordinating colors and patterns

How about spooky paper pumpkins for Halloween? I love the MacKenzie-Childs vibe of these black and white checkered pumpkins paired with gold accents.

Five 3D paper pumpkins with Halloween themed patterns and colors

You can get creative by adding multiple layers to the leaves as well. This helps the designs to pop more.

3D paper pumpkins in Halloween themed colors orange, black, and white

Note: The pumpkin in the center above was an experiment and is not included in the free SVG file because the intricate design would not cut reliably when tested. Still, it’s cute, right?

Download the Free Paper Pumpkin SVG and PDF

Are you ready to get started? I’m happy to offer these paper pumpkin designs as a perk for my newsletter subscribers. When you sign up below, you’ll stay updated on new blog posts and be the first to know about other freebies and special offers.

These downloads are for personal use only and may not be sold, reproduced, bundled, or transferred without express permission.

I recommend downloading the files on a laptop or desktop computer and making a note of your download folder.

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Paper pumpkin with leaf cutouts. Text overlay reads "Paper Pumpkins Free SVG File"
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