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The Best Flower Pot Painting Crafts to Try this Year

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If you’re looking to take your container garden from drab to fab, try one of these 21 amazing flower pot painting projects!

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Flower Pot Painting Inspiration

Every year, I look forward to the spring planting season. Seeing flowers bloom again always seems to boost my mood. To prepare for the season, I always like to dress up my patio with decorative pots.

Below, I’ve collected the best flower pot painting tutorials from my blogger friends so you can spruce up your planters, too!

If you’re a complete beginner, be sure to check out my guide on How to Paint Terracotta Pots like a Pro.

I can’t wait to try some of these techniques!

Best Types of Paint for Flower Pots

When planning to paint terracotta pots, it’s important to choose suitable indoor/outdoor paint.

Why Choose Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is a great, affordable option for general crafting, and painting flower pots is no exception. However, you need to make sure the label says it is weather-resistant or made for outdoor use.

I love this multi-purpose acrylic paint that works for both indoor or outdoor projects.

While weather-resistant paints add a layer of protection, that doesn’t mean you should expose them directly to rain and sun. Your pots will last longer under a covered porch or patio unless the paint indicates otherwise.

For a small pot, even a 2-ounce bottle of acrylic paint will do the job. You may also have some leftover paint for other craft projects.

Choosing the Finish

Take note of the finish on your bottle of paint, whether it’s acrylic paint or spray paint.

Paints often come in glossy, satin, or matte finish. Which you choose is a matter of personal preference.

You can also use a sealer like this one to add a shiny finish or this one to add a matte finish once you’ve finished painting your clay pots.

Shop Flower Pot Painting Supplies

Here are some of my favorite picks for painting flower pots.

FAQs on Flower Pot Painting

Should I seal flower pots before painting?

Will the pots stay indoors or outdoors? For outdoor use, you may want to consider using a clay pot sealer and/or varnish to protect them from the weather.

How do I get a matte finish for a painted pot?

Some paints, like chalk paint, will have a matte (non-shiny) finish, while metallic paints will have a high-gloss sheen.

Can you spray paint terracotta pots?

You’ll notice there are a variety of techniques used above. Spray paint is a good option for full coverage and a smooth finish, while acrylic paint applied with a paintbrush will add more texture.
Just keep in mind whether you’ll get more use out of a bottle of spray paint or a bottle of craft acrylic paint for future projects.

How can I add fine detail to my flower pot painting?

These days, paint pens offer even more possibilities to add fine detail like lettering or thin lines.

How long does it take to paint flower pots?

The length of time required to paint flower pots depends on the coverage of your paint. Chalk paints with a thick, matte finish may need only 1-2 coats. Acrylic paints tend to need at least three coats for full coverage.
Plan to let each coat of paint dry for at least 1 hour in between coats of paint.

I hope you’ll enjoy trying some of the tutorials above to beautify your homes and enjoy your garden!

If you’re looking for other ways to dress up your container garden, try these fun crafts!

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