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How to Make Decoupage Easter Eggs with Napkins

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I grew up dying Easter eggs with food coloring and vinegar, but my latest obsession is making beautifully decorated eggs with Mod Podge and paper. Today, I’m sharing everything you need to know to make your own decoupage Easter eggs with napkins.

Decoupage Easter egg made with floral napkins from Dollar Tree.

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How to Make Decoupage Easter Eggs

One of my most popular Easter posts is my decoupage eggs made with scrapbook paper. It’s the perfect technique if you’re using thick paper and want a more rustic, mosaic result. This is just one of many decoupage techniques I’ve used over the years.

Three decoupage Easter eggs on candlesticks.
Decoupage Eggs with Scrapbook Paper

For this year’s project, I decided to use my decoupage napkin technique, which I shared in a recent YouTube video.

Unlike my previous craft, this one uses wooden eggs as the base (instead of paper mache) and Dollar Tree napkins instead of scrapbook paper. Prepare to be amazed by the results!

Supplies for decoupage Easter eggs, including Mod Podge, napkins, paint and wooden eggs.

Watch This Tutorial


For your convenience, I’ve linked all the supplies you’ll need at the end of this post.

Step 1: Paint the wooden eggs

First, we need to paint the eggs to provide a good base to showcase our napkins. I used this chalk paint since I already had some on hand, but any acrylic paint will do.

For this type of project, there’s no need to paint a second coat unless you have extra time on your hands.


If you’re making ornaments, you can hang the ornament to dry on a hanger using a clothespin.

Step 2: Separate plies of napkin

Most napkins come in 2 or 3-ply varieties. You’ll want to isolate only the printed layer. Yes, it’s not always easy to do. Get your nails in there, girlfriend!

Separating plies of napkins to make decoupage Easter eggs.

In this case, my lovely Dollar Tree beauties had only 2 plies, which made it easy to separate the layers.

Step 3: Cut napkins into small shapes to apply to egg

Based on the design of your napkins, you’ll want to trim the ply into smaller shapes. I molded the napkin around my egg to determine where to cut it.

Apply napkin to wooden egg with decoupage technique.

Step 4: Apply Mod Podge and press napkin onto the egg

Okay, here’s the trickiest part of the whole tutorial! Start by applying a thin coat of Mod Podge Matte on the surface of the egg. When you apply very thin napkins to your egg, your hands can easily stick to the surface, and we’re not trying to make handprint ornaments!

To avoid ripping the paper, gently place your piece of napkin onto the egg and then cover it with plastic food wrap to press it down in place. The plastic may stick to the paper, but it will peel off easily. Trust me!

You can also see this technique in action when I made this decoupage wooden tissue box a few years ago.

Step 5: Continue to trim and layer more napkin pieces

In my video, I also shared a nifty technique to easily “trim” around your pattern using a paintbrush with water.

Easy decoupage Easter eggs using napkins.

After you apply the napkin to the egg, use the wet paintbrush to “draw” an outline that you can neatly tear away. It will leave very thin edges that blend in and make the egg look hand-painted.

Step 6: Seal the decoupage Easter eggs with Mod Podge

Once you’ve let your decoupage egg dry for about 20 minutes, you can apply 1 more coat of Mod Podge on top. (I used the matte formula for my egg ornaments, so you’ll notice they are not shiny.)

My advice is to apply the Mod Podge as quickly and evenly as possible without brushing over the napkin too many times. It can start to rip or tear if you brush too roughly.

Hanging decoupage Easter egg ornaments.
Speckled egg (left) and decoupage Easter egg ornament (right)

Another option for sealing your decoupage Easter ornaments is this high-gloss acrylic sealer. I’ve used it in many decoupage tutorials, including my decoupage wooden spoons.

Ways to Decorate with Decoupage Easter Eggs

You have many options to decorate with decoupage eggs! I made a few ornaments to hang on an Easter tree, and I used others to place in nests, cloches, or baskets.

Easter tree with decoupage Easter eggs.
Mercury glass vase with decoupage eggs on Easter tree

In my YouTube tutorial, I also shared my secrets to making this DIY mercury glass from a plain glass vase I bought at Dollar Tree.

Colorful decoupage Easter eggs by mercury glass vase.
Decoupage eggs and speckled eggs by DIY mercury glass vase
Decoupage eggs and painted eggs sitting by DIY mercury glass.

You can visit my full library of decoupage tutorials for more ideas!

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Please feel free to ask questions below or share your works of art with me on Instagram or Pinterest!

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Decoupage Easter egg supplies and hanging ornament.

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