Simple Wine Bag Sewing Pattern with Drop Cloth

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Are you looking to “up your game” when it comes to hostess gifts for the holidays? Try this easy wine bag sewing pattern that uses drop cloth fabric and stamps. Best of all, the materials you need won’t break the bank!

Wine bottle gift bags made from drop cloth with text overlay "Beginner Sewing Wine Bottle Gift Bags with Free Gift Tags"

As an added bonus, I’m offering FREE printable gift tags with 16 different holiday designs you can add to your wine bags. See details at the end of this post.

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Why DIY a Wine Gift Bag?

Beyond the fact that it’s fun to make, here are a few reasons to justify making your own drop cloth wine gift bag.

  • Bringing wine in a fancy bag shows you went the extra mile.
  • Cloth wine bags last longer than paper. (Reusable, baby!)
  • Even if you or the hostess don’t drink wine, you can use your fancy bag for a variety of other drinks/liquids. Think olive oil, sparkling cider, balsamic vinegar, bubble bath, etc.
  • The opportunities to personalize and customize are endless.

To see a video of this DIY wine bottle bag with a “no-sew” simplified technique, watch this YouTube video I made with Christmas crafts.

Easy Wine Bag Sewing Pattern and Supplies

Supplies to sew a DIY wine gift bag using a drop cloth, fabric stamps and ink, and dollar spot ribbon.

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

Luckily, drop cloth comes in large quantities, so you’ll have plenty of fabric left over to make more adorable projects. (Valentine’s gift bags, anyone?) For these wine bags, I used leftover fabric from my stenciled table runner and DIY tote bag projects.

Wine Bottle Bag – Sewing Instructions

Three DIY wine bottle gift bags made from an easy to sew pattern using drop cloth, stamps and ribbon.

Step 1: Prepare drop cloth fabric

Before working with drop cloth, wash the fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most drop cloths are machine washable.

Cutting circular pattern for DIY easy wine gift bag sewing project

Next, cut your fabric pieces according to the pattern dimensions. You’ll need one rectangular piece and one circular piece for each wine bottle gift bag.

Step 2: Stamp the drop cloth

Stamping drop cloth fabric with red holiday stamp saying "eat drink and be merry"

You have the option of stamping your fabric before cutting, but I like to know what my pieces look like first. Test your stamp on a scrap piece of fabric before you begin the real deal.

With ink pads made for fabric, you can also use a hot iron to “set” the stamp for a more permanent application.

Another option is to use fabric paint and stencils to create your design. I have a full tutorial for painting on canvas fabric.

Step 3: Hem the long top edge of the rectangle and attach ribbon

Double-fold the top edge toward the inside of the fabric to create a hem. My hem (from the top to the stitching) measured about 1/4 inch when finished.

Stamped drop cloth and ribbon to create a DIY wine gift bag

Next, sew the ribbon in place at the front mid-point (opposite the raw edges), 3 1/2 inches below the top hem. My ribbon measured 26 inches, which allowed me to double-wrap it around the bottle neck and create a bow.

This is my favorite sewing machine, by the way.

Step 4: Sew the side edge of the bag

DIY wine bottle gift bag turned inside out to sew the side hem

Turn the rectangle piece inside-out, and sew the side seam to create a cylinder shape. I like to reinforce the edge with a simple zigzag stitch after using a straight stitch to prevent the edges from fraying too much.

Tip: Always pin your fabric in place to prevent shifting as you sew.

Step 5: Sew the bottom seam

Attaching bottom of DIY wine gift bag

With the bag still turned inside-out, pin the circular bottom of the bag to the cylinder, and sew around the circle. Again, you can use a zigzag stitch to reinforce raw edges after straight stitching.

After finishing the bottom seam, turn the bag right-side-out, and you are ready to party!

Prepare your bag for gifting

Simple wine bag sewing pattern with free printable gift tags

Once you’ve finished sewing your wine gift bag, you can add more flair with my free printable Christmas gift tags! I’ve created 16 designs for immediate download.

Free printable Christmas gift tags available for download exclusively at First Day of Home blog

To get instant access to these and other free printables, simply complete the form below.

Already a subscriber? Contact me here if you have trouble accessing the VIP site.

You might also want to check out my DIY wrapping paper tutorial for another fun way to dress up your gifts this year!

DIY wrapping paper with floral pattern and blue bow on top
DIY wrapping paper made with child’s artwork

More DIY wine gift bag ideas

DIY simple wine gift bag sewing pattern

While other wine bag patterns exist, I love the simplicity and affordability of this quick-sew wine bag. Now that you know how to sew a wine bag, consider these other options for customization:

  • New Year’s stamp or fabric
  • Valentine’s Day cupid pattern or stamp
  • Sports team logo
  • College logo
  • Company logo
  • Bridal shower pattern
  • Baby shower pattern
  • Wedding or anniversary pattern
Trio of wine bottles with DIY simple holiday stamped gift bags using drop cloth

I love giving the gift of wine because it’s often something shared with great conversation among friends and family. I hope you’ll enjoy personalizing these and sharing them with loved ones.

Looking for more sewing projects? Check out these posts.

Leave me a note in the comments about how you plan to use your wine bags. I love hearing from you!

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Easy wine bag created using a simple sewing pattern with drop cloth, fabric stamps and dollar ribbon

Wine Bottle Bag Sewing Pattern

Author: firstdayofhome.com
Make a so sew easy wine bag using this free simple pattern!
This DIY wine bag makes the perfect gift for a hostess, bridal shower or other special occasion, and you can customize it with any fabric or ribbon you choose.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Project Type Sewing
Cost (US$)10
Yield 1 bag


  • Sewing machine or fabric glue



  • Prewash fabric, if necessary, and cut the body and bottom of the wine bottle bag pattern.
  • Decorate the fabric with stamps, ribbon or other embellishments, if desired.
  • Hem the top edge of the rectangular piece, and attach ribbon at the midpoint, about 3 1/2 inches below the top hem.
  • Sew the right sides of the rectangular piece together at the short edge.
  • Sew the bottom circular piece to the unhemmed edge of the rectangular piece with the fabric inside-out.
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