Easy Pressed Flower Stickers

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Pressing flowers has been a lifelong passion, so I’m always searching for creative ways to use preserved flowers in craft projects. I recently stumbled upon a nifty trick to make pressed flower stickers in less than five minutes. If you haven’t tried this, I invite you to hop on the bandwagon!

Pressed flowers on wax paper shown with journal notebook.

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Where to Get Pressed Flowers

If you’re new to pressing flowers, I have countless resources to get you started. You can either press your own flowers or buy preserved flowers online.

Placing fresh pansies on blotting paper with cardboard underneath to prepare for pressing.
Pressing flowers in DIY flower press

My personal preference is always to press flowers at home. You know the song “Sentimental Mood”? That’s pretty much my resting state of mind. Picking flowers from a backyard garden or on a special trip can bring back sweet memories for years to come.

In a world where attention spans run short, I also enjoy the craft of preserving a moment in time. Pressing flowers can force you to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Option 1: Pressing Flowers at Home

In my comprehensive guide on how to press flowers, you’ll find these four easy methods for beginners:

  1. Pressing flowers in a book
  2. Pressing flowers in a microwave
  3. Making a DIY flower press
  4. Pressing flowers with an iron
Pressed flowers after microwaving with the Microfleur Max flower press
Pressing flowers with Microfleur flower press

The quickest of these methods while maintaining quality is a microwave flower press. I’ve used the Microfleur Max for many years. Big fan here!

I also partnered with them to illustrate how to make pressed flower art. You can use my Microfleur discount code below for 10% off your purchase.

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Option 2: Buying Dried Flowers

Sometimes time is of the essence, and the two-day shipping option from Amazon Prime comes in handy. Buying real flowers online has the added benefit of choosing a specific color combination and variety of flowers.

Below are a few options for pressed flowers that I’ve tested and enjoyed.

Shop for Pressed Flowers

How to Make Pressed Flower Stickers

I have great news! These pressed flower stickers take very little time to make and won’t break the bank. You’ll need only a few household supplies that I’m sure you can find in a junk drawer.

Watch This Tutorial

Click the video below to watch this tutorial in action. The video will start after a brief ad, which helps support my photography equipment, web hosting, and crafting habits so I can bring you more great DIY projects. Thank you!


Supplies for making pressed flower stickers, including pressed flowers, wax paper, packing tape, scissors, and a journal.

Step 1: Apply a single layer of duct tape to wax paper

To begin, cut a square sheet of wax paper, and place strips of duct tape to cover the sheet. The tape should be placed with the sticky side down, attached to the wax paper.

Tape down the edges of the wax paper to prevent it from shifting during this step.

Step 2: Place pressed flowers on the taped paper

Carefully place the pressed flowers on the duct tape layer, with the blooms facing up. Avoid placing the flowers between the strips of tape if possible.

Tweezers often come in handy when working with delicate pressed flowers.

Step 3: Apply a top layer of duct tape

Placing duct tape over pressed flowers.

Once the flowers are placed, apply a top layer of duct tape to cover the pressed flowers.

Again, it’s best to ensure the flowers are centered in the strips of duct tape. However, you may need to overlap strips of tape for larger blooms.

Step 4: Cut out the flower stickers

Cut a small border around each pressed flower, keeping the wax paper backing. You can store these stickers for safekeeping later or use them right away. (I love the idea of including a few DIY stickers in birthday cards.)

Removing wax paper from pressed flower stickers.
Peeling wax paper from pressed flower sticker

When you’re ready to use the stickers, simply peel off the wax paper liner. If you have trouble peeling the paper away from the tape, you can use a Cricut weeding tool or safety pin to release an edge.

Step 5: Decorate with pressed flower stickers

Pressed flower stickers can dress up a junk journal, travel journal, or handmade card. I used a combination of pressed roses, crape myrtle blooms, zinnias, and other small flowers for my stickers.

Pressed flowers in a notebook.

I also collected a few bluebonnets on a recent trip to the Texas Hill Country, and they are among my favorite stems for journaling stickers.

Journal with pressed flower stickers inside, including roses and bluebonnets.

These stickers also work well for bullet journaling, greeting cards, picture frames, gift wrapping, posters, mobile phone cases, notebooks, bookmarks, and more.

I’d love to know how you plan to use them for your creative projects! Leave me a comment below to tell me more.

More Sticker Ideas

If you need more journaling ideas, check out my tutorial on how to make stickers with Cricut. You’ll find an example of a full sheet of journal stickers that you can access in my Cricut Design Space profile.

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Pressed flower stickers in notebook. Text overlay reads "Pressed Flower Stickers: 5-Minute Craft".
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  1. This is such a fun idea, Crissy. And so creative! I’m excited to share a link to your tutorial in my weekly recap post tomorrow.

    Happy Easter!

  2. What a cool idea! I am definitely going to try this. Sounds like it couldn’t be easier and I have almost all of the supplies. Thank you for a great tutorial!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Tess! The wax paper can be a bit tricky to remove at first, so that’s my only caveat. It’s a super simple craft, though. Have fun!